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Thread: unable to install nvidia graphic driver.

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    unable to install nvidia graphic driver.

    When i re-establish my computer I have found a trouble with my graphic driver. I can't install some drivers in nvidia series. When I attempt to have NVIDIA discover the right driver it gives me the following description:
    [[present installed driver: 0,0,manufactured goods: Intel® HD Graphics , Release Date: 9.8.2011,Latest Driver Update: edition: 280.26 WHQL ]]
    some more information:---
    when I install this drivers it gives me this message:
    ((this graphics card could not find compatible graphic hardware)).. Also I have tried to download most older drivers just to observe if it would working or not. But it doesn't. I am hundred and one percent confident my computer has a Nvidia graphic card, but I don't memorize the name of it.
    I have attempted to update the driver and remove the Intel® HD Graphics driver, but it didn’t assist to install an nvidia driver.
    I am not that much into computers, but i expect you can help me.

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    re: unable to install nvidia graphic driver.

    several laptop producers use VBIO's that are not well-matched with the NVIDIA drivers which is why they put this condition on the downloads page
    "As component of the NVIDIA Verde Notebook Driver application, this is a orientation driver that can be installed on maintained NVIDIA notebook GPUs. but, please note that your notebook original [equipment manufacturer (OEM)] supplied expert drivers for your particular notebook on their website. NVIDIA suggested that you check with your notebook OEM about optional software updates for your notebook. OEMs may not supply mechanical support for issue that arises from the use of this driver."

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    re: unable to install nvidia graphic driver.

    There is one thing which is showing a possibility for installing nvidea graphic drivers.
    • You are installing the oldest driver’s 173xx nvidia, aren't you? Doesn’t use the later drivers in FX 5900.
    • The easiest method to install the nvidia drivers is to utilize [leigh123linux's guide] and install from rpmfusion.
    At this time is what you require if you desire to use the akmod packages on [F14 32bit] kernel...

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    re: unable to install nvidia graphic driver.

    The instruction for Installing Nvidia Drivers in Fedora 13:---
    *go to the Nvidia site and download the driver files.
    You include downloaded the file from the browser at a run level 3 in reboot.
    *After download the .run file clicks that file and run that setup.
    * edit and Open the grub.conf by issuing /boot /nano /grub.conf /grub, scroll to the line that
    says most vital part and at the finish of it add this nomodeset rdblacklist=nouveau vga=0x31b
    *after that reboot and you must be very well.

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