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Thread: Samsung LN-T4669F 46" LCD TV makes clicking noise but no picture

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    Samsung LN-T4669F 46" LCD TV makes clicking noise but no picture

    I hold a Lnt4669f LCD that unequivocally produce a clicking din and tries not to turn on is this that capacitor situation in light of the fact that I have known about it. When I capacity the TV on, it keeps on to click on & off over and again. It appears the just strategy to get the TV on to look at, is to unplug it, hold up about 10 seconds, then capacity on. I grasp there would be a capacitor situation but after this actually began concerning a month in the past, I'm not precisely beyond any doubt what I ought to do following. The TV was made in Feb 2008. I bought it in June 2008. Although the warranty has passed, is there anything I am able to do? Will Samsung repair this deformity?

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    Re: Samsung LN-T4669F 46" LCD TV makes clicking noise but no picture

    I've encountered the same for a moment back. They did express that they could approve a repair for the capacitors and that an aid outfit could contact me in the following couple of days, but after today is Friday, undoubtedly won't be until promptly following week. I cleared up that it was specified by others who presented on the web that it was a top issue but maybe it could've been something else. So cheerfully I should not be charged for the aid flag down be an option that is alternate than a capacitor or a few. I'll keep you overhauled. A debt of gratitude is in order regarding the backing and guidance.

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    Re: Samsung LN-T4669F 46" LCD TV makes clicking noise but no picture

    I actually got off the telephone with the nearby utility ensemble to lineup a call/visit (quite responsive). I was told that the aid could blanket the tops just and that assuming that its not the tops, then I could get an assessment of what could be needed to settle the situation. In spite of the fact that the aid group rep did state that in a large number of cases, the tops are at shortcoming but it would be able to be something else. I then got back to Samsung and they stated that some models fabricated in '07 & '08 were furnished with modest estimated tops transforming postponed pictures and symptoms that I depicted. Along these lines a onetime utility was sanctioned to supplant the tops with a greater size which might as well resolve the disparity. That declared, I'm now all around persuaded that the top just coverage will alter the situation. The utility is booked for Monday. Regardless Samsung distinguishes blemished parts and workmanship and will rectify the situation granted that the warranty has since a long time ago lapsed.

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    Re: Samsung LN-T4669F 46" LCD TV makes clicking noise but no picture

    The Service tech turned out to the house and knew precisely what the situation was. He wound up supplanting 5 tops. He revealed to me what the unfavorable ones look like then afterward pulled out a pack filled with unfavorable tops. I asked to what extent it took to fill that sack. He declared 3 weeks. Obviously he's been bustling replacing regretful tops. Virtually all Samsung TV's. He expressed its a normal situation.

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    Re: Samsung LN-T4669F 46" LCD TV makes clicking noise but no picture

    I hold the UN55B8500XF model. It is a particularly fantastic, exorbitant, alluring TV. It quit turning on 3 months following warranty lapse. This has all the earmarks of being the definite same situation that numerous are/have been dissenting about. SO, I took the counsel of some of the blurbs on the net. I called Samsung. I specify that numerous appear to be reporting the same correct issue. The man on the alternate finish of the line was kind enough to brief me that the issue exists just in LCD TV's not LED TV's. This completely altered the tone of the discourse for me. He moreover illuminated me that this could be an out-of-pocket upkeep for me to repair. At which indicate I inquired have the issue hoisted. The displacement was Samsung plasma that is still stunning in funneled value and is still serving me well. In any case, the brand new breed-the LED's/LCD's-appear to be destroying this legacy.

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    Re: Samsung LN-T4669F 46" LCD TV makes clicking noise but no picture

    I'll be glad to heighten your distinct cases to one of the aid directors to see if they can aid. Unfortunately, I don't have the capacity to award warranty augmentations or alters for any aid identified issues. Notwithstanding, depending on if I raise it to someone in the aid section they would be ready to check on your case and see if there are any extra choices. In the event that you post your transaction numbers from the telephone call to the Samsung client aid focus, I'll be cheerful to heighten the issue to see assuming that I could probably have your case assessed on a case-by-case groundwork. In the event that you don't have one, attempt getting back to and seeing in the event that you are able to get help. In the event that not, then request a transaction number then afterward post it here.

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