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Thread: Delay Commercial Loading of Philips Net-TV

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    Delay Commercial Loading of Philips Net-TV

    Last week I buy this Philips Net-TV and when I locate the performance of this internet TV then surprisingly the performance is not fast as I am expected. When I try to commercially perform this Philips Net-TV loading, then it has to be very delay as per expectation. If any user has faced the similar kind of problem, then please share your own opinion about this issue. Thanks in advance for any kind of help.

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    Re: Delay Commercial Loading of Philips Net-TV

    Every day new technologies are invented, implemented and deployed on this Net-TV. Hence every time the manufacturer has to be necessary to upgrade the exiting features of this application. It works to improve the performance of the system. Several times this happen that the loading speed of the system goes to the lower because the regularly upgrade task perform on this system. I think this is the main reason why the Philips Net-TV takes long time for loading.

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    Re: Delay Commercial Loading of Philips Net-TV

    The loading task goes slower will also indicate that the system needs to be an extra driver. This additional driver helps to improve the system loading speed and also help to do the system improvement process. I think the firmware upgrade is the correct solution over this problem. You have to necessary to use a compatible driver and the firmware for this task. It works to solve this problem.

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    Re: Delay Commercial Loading of Philips Net-TV

    This type of loading problem arrives when the incompatibility issue happens between this system. Yep, most of the time the system firmware has not been compatible with the input or any other devices. Then it gives the problem onto this internet TV system. In this situation we need to just reinstall the suitable firmware of the TV. This is necessary to solve this loading problem. The manual will be indicating the suitable firmware of this system.

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    Re: Delay Commercial Loading of Philips Net-TV

    It is really bad to wait always such a long time for loading the system process. This internet TV is an high configuration based devices and it has been provide the facility to internet surfing. In that case, we need to just use an basic strategy that works to solve this problem. I think we need to install the compatible software on this system. Also need to regularly upgrade this system firmware and the application.

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