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Thread: graphic card is heating up very quickly

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    ohmy graphic card is heating up very quickly

    hey ppl....i have a laptop which is almost around 3 yrs old which i use for gaming....the laptop has Nvidia Geforce 9600M GS 512 mb card...for almost 2 years the card temperature used to start at around 50-60 it starts at 70 + deg and heats up very quickly to 100 + deg causing many games to run slow

    is anything wrong with my graphic card? and what do i do now?

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    Re: graphic card is heating up very quickly

    Well, i am not expert in terms of Graphics card, hence its little difficult for me to suggest or comment something here, but still wanna help. While searching for the cause / solution of the same, i found some articles here with the same issue. You should check out those, hope you get some help:
    Overheating Nvidia GPU
    Overheating graphics card
    symptoms of video card overheat

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