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Thread: Looking for LCDs at Non-Native Resolutions

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    Looking for LCDs at Non-Native Resolutions

    Hello people. I am not searching for a big monitor ,more so requiring for a 17" ). I do not fancy small fonts and icons.Just hate them. I am aware that there are few companies like Samsung and Dell which make 17" 'business' monitors, however any knowledge on any model, new flanged or basically most updates, on whether in reality it is able to run at lesser resolutions which will be amazingly appreciated. I run my CRT at 800x600 and would probably wish to make use of the same. If it merely doesn't work, then I will just continue with CRT monitors.Take Care.

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    Re: Looking for LCDs at Non-Native Resolutions

    Lcd screen have a set figure of pixels so forever give the impression of being superlative at the native resolution. Something dissimilar will give up image superiority. crts have a changeable resolution because by means which they display images so they are not set to single resolution. Scaling 800x600 to 1600x1200 will decrease the quality of sub pixel font smoothing, if not there's a technique to make the text on the 1600x1200 raster subsequent to scaling supplementary graphics .

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    Re: Looking for LCDs at Non-Native Resolutions

    I would like to tell you that the 800x600 resolution has long been discarded for the most part. The majority WebPages and software programs have moved in the direction of bare minimum of 1024x768 ,if not 1920x1080. A superior monitor will preserve the similar ratios other than raise the icon sizes larger. CRT screens experience visual worries although just for the reason that you have everything blown up on screen at the equivalent resolution.

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    Re: Looking for LCDs at Non-Native Resolutions

    If you wish for 800x600 get a square LCD and avoid a extensive screen. Will run in good health, won't be as razor-sharp as a CRT despite the fact that as nearly all LCD can't scale resolutions as well as CRTs, in addition to also the most excellent LCDs are behind CRTs when run at non-native surroundings. A screen has a permanent figure of pixels consequently if you are using fewer than the utmost resolution, then the LCD monitor have to use interruption exhibit a pixel in the right place on the screen.

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    Re: Looking for LCDs at Non-Native Resolutions

    LCS screens have reduced in worth so much that even areas with very straightforward computers are over and over again using lcd panels as an alternative of crts, this makes them each and every one additionally hard to come across ,even though they still are made by a few companies, more often than not overseas. In case the lcd is 4:3 ratio it will scale down to 800x600 on your demonstration settings and also take up the complete screen nevertheless it may give the impression of being similar to crap measured up to a similar sized crt.

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    Re: Looking for LCDs at Non-Native Resolutions

    Hey dude, I would like to tell you that you can get some crt monitors online, stores are not probable to bear something however lcds. You be supposed to acquire highly regarded brands reminiscent of LG, dell, view sonic nevertheless shipping will be far above the ground . Asyou have a 20" lcd in addition to a 20" crt in cooperation showing 800x600 then it shouldn’t a enormous differentiation in image quality above and beyond the entire disparity between lcd and crt.

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    Re: Looking for LCDs at Non-Native Resolutions

    How much I am aware, crts do not encompass "processing" which tries to robust an image to a motionless resolution subsequently there will be a differentiation sandwiched between how lcds in addition to crts put on show an enlarged image. Also, just keep in mind that WebPages pursue their own style, width, image sizes, text sizes and styles, etc are all transparently dissimilar. I, myself have observed the complete thing from font si ze 8 to font size 18 or so in text.

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