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Thread: Graphic cards for better fps

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    Graphic cards for better fps

    Few weeks ago, I bought a new game called mafia 2. When installed and start mafia 2 in my PC, the main menu screen appears where I found ‘benchmark’ option to check my graphic card settings, so I ran that program but the sample video was running to slow and the test was showing that fps is 10 to 15 frames per second. I don’t understand what does that mean and what does fps have to do with it? Is there any problem with my graphic card or the problem is with my computer system? Can anyone suggest me?

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    Re: Graphic cards for better fps

    Graphic cards have everything to do with your games, especially when it is about today’s games because mafia 2 requires heavy graphic card configuration. When you are about to play any game which requires heavy graphic card configuration you must be aware of the fps of that graphic card. Each frame is a still image, fps works in such a manner that each frame work so fast that it makes the illusion of moving image. The more frames per second, the smoother the images moves. Try to install another game which requires less graphic card configuration and see if the problem still exists or not.

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    Re: Graphic cards for better fps

    Graphic cards are essential in gaming world. The higher the performance of your graphic card the smoother game runs on your computer system. I have Nvidia GeForce 9800GTX graphic card and very much satisfied with this graphic card. It also supports PCI Express 2.0. the specialty of this graphic card is that it never gets overheat and also doesn’t make too much noise. Nvidia graphic cards prices are also reasonable. It also comes with the memory of 512MB. Following are some of the few features of this graphic card: Core Clock (MHz) is 675 MHZ, Memory Clock (MHz) is 1100 MHZ, Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) is 70.4, Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec) is 43.2 and memory interface is 256-bit.

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    Re: Graphic cards for better fps

    The slow running game problem is may be because your graphic card drivers are outdated and you need to update your graphic cards drivers. You will find your graphic cards drivers over the internet on graphic cards brand official site or you can update manually by doing right click on ‘my computer ‘ then select manage and then select ‘device manager’ ,select your graphic hardware then update it. Never try to change any settings in graphic card hardware because it might damage your graphic card, if you are aware of the graphic cards then only try to change settings.

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    Re: Graphic cards for better fps

    Sometimes programs that run in background of your system can also slower your graphic card performance. For this, use win + R this combination to open run program and then type ‘msconfig’ and then screen will appear where you will find ‘startup’ option, you can disable any program you want running in the background. After these windows will ask for reboot, restart your computer and then launch the game to see if the problem exists. If the problem still exist the try to delete temporary files by launching run program and then type the following command ‘%TEMP%’ and press ok and delete all the temporary files. If any of you want know that your graphic card is capable to handle games or not then buy CRYSIS game and install it in your computer. Crysis game requires the highest graphic cards requirement ever made in gaming history. if that game runs smoothly in your PC then your graphic card is absolutely fine.

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