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Thread: Times Now introduced Movies Now in HD

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    Times Now introduced Movies Now in HD

    Times network has announced that they are coming up with a new Eng movie channel called Movies will play Hollywood movies in True HD 1080i.True or Fake news??? What does 1080i refer to in HD ??? What is the major difference between 1080i and 720p? Does this two (1080i and 720 p ) aspect makes the change in quality which is delivered to us on screen of TV ?

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    re: Times Now introduced Movies Now in HD

    Yes it is true, that times network has arrived with a great idea of introducing a new Hollywood movie channel called movies in a true HD. This will give new edge to the broadcasters. The quality of video would be given the prime importance. The term 1080i Refers to the 1920x1080 "interlaced" HDTV format. The majority of HD cable and satellite TV programs are delivered in 1080i resolution,While those normal other HD programs are broadcast in 720p.The term 1080 is a shorthand name for a high definition television (HDTV) video mode. The i means interlaced.We had heard that sayings "keep the rest for best" that's what Tata Sky HD finally arrived with. It gave some reasons to cheer its HD subscribers. Tata Sky has now launched Star Movies HD, Star World HD and Star Gold HD channels.The basic difference between 1080i and 720p is of resolution.1080i gets refreshed 250or 30 times in a second, while 720p gets refreshed 50 or 60 times each second.

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    re: Times Now introduced Movies Now in HD

    The latest announcement made by times network is to launch Movies Now a Hollywood movie channel in HD. This would give their viewers and opportunity to experience the best audio and video quality standards for the first instance, and that too in India itself. The CEO of Times Network said that his entire team feels proud to announce the launch of another modern brand – MOVIES NOW. He complements the urban focus of the network, which has met with a great success via TIMES NOW, ET NOW and zoom. MOVIES NOW channels now ensure the audience the best of entertainment. With a center objective to rock the Indian viewers through the best of Hollywood Blockbusters, grouped with extraordinary picture and sound quality, It is now enhance the viewing experience with a wide aspect ratio of 16:9, which is naturally suited to the human eye.The most striking feature of this introductions is that is captured 38% Market Share In First 3 days, Truly amazing.

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    re: Times Now introduced Movies Now in HD

    Its great to inform all English movie viewers another delightful offering from Times Television broadcaster is on the cards,from which they could now have a theater like movie watching experience at their home television set.This new HD channel is going to deliver an eventual audio-video experience to its viewers for the very first time in India. First for its kind, Movies Now, is now going to deliver clearer, stale picture quality, superlative sound quality and a wider viewing experience too. Now Movies Now, is a perfect channel for all those Indian viewers who usually love to watch many Popular Hollywood movies repeatedly,including Rocky 1-6, Pink Panther 1&2, I Robot, Night at the Museum, Never Back Down, True Lies, Titanic, 36th Chamber of the Shaolin etc. Objective to mesmerize Indian viewers, the new channel will offer HD with Stunning Pictures in 1080i & Awesome 5.1 Surround Sound, wide aspect ratio of 16:9 and lots more.

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    re: Times Now introduced Movies Now in HD

    The broadcasting companies are setting stage to fire with the arrival of HD(High Definition),its to set up heat further.The leading broadcaster recently announced the launch of its new channel,Movies Now(HD).Achieving great success through Times Now now focuses on Urban Complements. Said by the CEO that we have put combine efforts from our end with a consisting of very well thoght movies library reflecting the likes of Indian viewers.Currently Indian viewers are able to view English channels i.e. Star Movies, HBO, PIX, WB and UTV World, among others.

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