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Thread: My video card is giving problem in cx623 laptop

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    My video card is giving problem in cx623 laptop

    Hello friends, I have a certain issue with the cx623 laptop which I had recently purchased, but the video card had been recently exchanged because I was not comfortable with the configuration of the video card that was present previously, so I installed a new GEforce graphic card into it, since the laptop has two video cards adapter in it, when I connected the graphic card in to it, the value that is been showed is only 64 Mb, initially I thought the problem must be of the drivers that are present, so I downloaded the latest version of the drivers and installed it but it was not giving any help. So now what I should do please help regarding this.

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    Re: My video card is giving problem in cx623 laptop

    Since you have two graphic card adapters present in the laptop so you can change the graphic card that is currently present in it. The basic one is the normal one, which is present on board and that can be used for the normal procedure while you are doing normal thing on the laptop. The other one which you have changed can be used when you are playing any high resolution game. When it is not used then it may be showing the value as much the system requires, there are two ways to switch to any of the graphic cards, a button is been present near the power button that will help you in getting the graphic card you want to know or else just right click on the desktop then in setting go to display driver, here you can change the graphic card that want to change.

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    Re: My video card is giving problem in cx623 laptop

    Hi there, I did the thing that you told me to do but not of the help that is provided. I almost spent the whole day in setting the configuration of the graphic card but it not helping me in any of the cases. I also tried checking the detect button in the resolution setup, and when it detect the Geforce all the desktop get clear and I can just see the desktop only. When I tried to open the settings nothing happens , it’s like everything gets hanged, After this when I see the Geforce in the main graphic card in the advances option it will show the memory of about 1 GB or else it just show 64 Mb, I have no idea why this is happening.

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    Re: My video card is giving problem in cx623 laptop

    Did you tried doing the setting by other means like when you right click on the desktop there an option will be provided like run with Graphic processor , in this it may be possible that the required graphic card will be provided to you. If you are not able to see on the desktop then you may see that in the programs. Here you will see the individual program running and on this you can select the dedicated graphic card for the main use only, this thing is also called as manage 3d settings.

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    Re: My video card is giving problem in cx623 laptop

    There are many games that I try to play on the laptop, but instead of the game working smoothly, it always lag and the appearance of the display on the monitor is not that good, I gave a GEforce graphic card in it but the display is so bad that it behave that it doesn’t have any graphic card only, the thing I founded out is when the graphic setting of the graphic card is been reduced it show a good performance I don’t know why but it is happening, also it may be the issue that the memory that is been present in the graphic card is been shared by the application so due to which it only shows 64 Mb present in it, so try detecting the application that are available in the laptop that are eating the memory of yours graphic card.

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