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Thread: MSI P55a G55 vs Asus Maximus Gene III

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    MSI P55a G55 vs Asus Maximus Gene III

    I'm new here and somehow not. Read on this page are a lot here, but I myself have never struggled through one account open. Today is the day .. I have a question about my motherboard which I ordered. MSI P55-G55, ASUS Maximus Gene III. Please tell me which of the two motherboard will be a better choice for me. Please suggest me a solution to get the best mother board for my gaming PC.

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    Re: MSI P55a G55 vs Asus Maximus Gene III

    The battle in the market for Micro-ATX boards for the enthusiast segment will be interesting, if only the formats before ATX boards had gifted, why is falling behind. We saw the offer from EVGA and now the turn of ASUS board also prepares a Micro-ATX format for i5 Core processors (Lynnfield) with the ASUS Maximus III Gene Micro-ATX motherboard lineage "High End" factor reduced form. its better to buy an X58 Rampage II GENE equipped with a processor or i920 then Maximus III GENE P55 with i750 i860.

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    Re: MSI P55a G55 vs Asus Maximus Gene III

    MSI Motherboard MSI-P55-G55 is one of the best motherboard to purchase.
    • Socket 1156
    • Intel Core i5 and i7
    • 4 supports DDR3 DIMM PC12800/10600/8500 - 16 GB max.
    • 6 x Ports S-ATA/II
    • 6 x S-ATA/II Devices Supported
    • Ports 2 x S-ATA Revision 3.0
    • Peripherals 2 x S-ATA Revision 3.0 supported
    • 2 x Port (s) PCI-Express 16x
    • 8 x USB 2.0
    • 2 x USB 3.0
    • LAN 1000/100/10 Mbps (Gigabit)

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    Re: MSI P55a G55 vs Asus Maximus Gene III

    In terms of connectivity pose board Gigabit Ethernet, Firewire, USB, eSATA and 8-channel sound chip via an ASUS SupremeFX X-Fi 8-channel EAX 4.0 support. To this we add support for CrossFireX and SLI, plus ASUS proprietary technologies. This board is boasting some very impressive features search as ROG connect giving you the ability to overclock your machine at a bios level from another computer as well as flash the bios remotely so no fear of bricking your motherboard due to bad flash, 10-phase digital PWM's & bios features to improve cold booting bug, the list goes on and on. Well lets get down to some benching and see what this board can do.

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