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Thread: Performance of HIS Radeon HD 3850 IceQ 3 Turbo X

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    Performance of HIS Radeon HD 3850 IceQ 3 Turbo X

    Radeon HD 3850, Radeon HD 3850 512, Radeon HD 3870, GeForce 9600 GT and GeForce 8800 GT - all these graphics cards cavort in regards to price and performance technical midfield and have a real price war triggered, the cost of a current 3D accelerators in the Performance segment has pressed heavily. For customers, certainly a welcome development, because so much power for so little money it had probably never before. This makes price competition is for the producers, led by the Board partners, but not easy. Must sell one graphics cards from different levels in an almost identical price and one is forced literally to a model off to bring the reference designs to market in order to even draw the attention of the customer from the countless other products on their own copy.

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    Re: Performance of HIS Radeon HD 3850 IceQ 3 Turbo X

    That the fight against the Radeon HD 3870 despite the contrary statements should not go in favor of the HIS card was actually already be seen with reference to the clock speeds. And so the card is indeed very close to the big brother, by five percent but you have to give in eventually. But HIS but has a different goal achieved: In the middle is calculated, the Radeon HD 3850 IceQ3 Turbo X share by nearly two percent against the GeForce 9600 GT from Nvidia, which is the reference design was not successful.

    On Windows, do the cooling system of the Radeon HD 3850 IceQ3 to please. Our three other candidates but act on a very similar level to come, but not handle quite as good as the HIS product. Of a closed case of the 3D accelerator can not be determined from the remaining PC components. Under load the fan then turns a little faster and manages not to take the top spot - far from it is not.

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    Re: Performance of HIS Radeon HD 3850 IceQ 3 Turbo X

    When the temperature measurements, the Radeon HD 3850 IceQ3 Turbo X will sell quite clear from the reference design. Already under Windows requires the HIS product new records and the GPU can not be warmer than 42 degrees Celsius. An ordinary Radeon HD 3850 is at 49 degrees Celsius. Under load, the difference is even greater. When the ATI card at exactly 20 degrees (69 degrees Celsius for the IceQ3 model), only the GeForce 9600 GT achieved slightly better values. On the back of the chip conditions remain the same. The card is cooled despite the higher clock speeds and identical noise level that is much more effective. Due to the higher clock speeds (and possibly higher voltages), the power consumption of the HIS Radeon HD 3850 IceQ3 Turbo X slightly higher than that of a conventional Radeon HD 3850th 163 watts to 167 watts is the result for the reference card.

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    Re: Performance of HIS Radeon HD 3850 IceQ 3 Turbo X

    A Radeon HD 3870 draws two watts once more from the line, a GeForce 9600 GT even ten watts. Under load, the differences are larger as usual: The HIS-product needs ten watts with 235 watts more than a Radeon HD 3850 (245 watts), a Radeon HD 3870 is located at 254 watts. The GeForce 9600 GT is equipped with a consumption of 222 watts, interestingly, more economical than the ATi cards. Although the HIS Radeon HD 3850 IceQ3 Turbo X already provided, therefore, comes with higher clock speeds, not the end of the road has been reached. We have the RV670 GPU to a maximum of 785 MHz overclock (default: 735 MHz), while the GDDR3 memory or error-free with a frequency increase of 46 MHz and 1026 MHz acts. Thus, we could increase performance by an average of five percent. Depending on the application, the gain in speed may vary slightly.

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    Re: Performance of HIS Radeon HD 3850 IceQ 3 Turbo X

    AMD was kind enough to us a copy of the HIS Radeon HD 3850 IceQ3 Turbo X to make a test available, we will check on the heart and kidneys. Is it worth the extra cost, or one is lifted with the lower-cost reference design, or even an Nvidia card better? HIS would be deposited with the Radeon HD 3850 IceQ3 Turbo X as far as possible from the numerous other manufacturers and runs for the big guns. But this has its price: The price machine miser lists the video card only from rich 150 euros - but you already get a full Radeon HD 3870 reference design in! Thus it seems clear that it is the HIS product is not just easy to justify the high costs. Although not too many online stores, the Radeon HD 3850 IceQ3 Turbo X are available, is not expected to supply problems in the near future.

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    Re: Performance of HIS Radeon HD 3850 IceQ 3 Turbo X

    If you have got the HIS Radeon HD 3850 IceQ3 Turbo X is the first time from the somewhat unstable board, the graphics card directly impresses with its elegant blue that knows how to have the right look. The PCB measures as the reference design, a length of 23 cm, so it should be applied to all commercially available packages to any installation problems. A massive dual slot cooler covers most of the graphics card and not only cools the RV670 GPU but also the memory. As the material is largely based on HIS expensive, but effective copper. A massive copper heatsink that is connected by means of a heat pipe with several copper plates, sits directly on the GPU. In addition, the memory chips and voltage regulators are covered with a small passive cooler. At the end of the cooling system HIS familiar to a diameter of 75 mm measured radial fan. This is pleasantly quiet in any situation and is at no time on unpleasant. But later, read more. The centrifugal fan draws the cool air from the case, she swirls on the GPU and the copper fins and blows the heated air through some vents finally out on the bracket from the computer. The case is heating up not to unnecessarily. On the Radeon HD 3850 IceQ3 Turbo X HIS installed a 512 MB memory, which is manufactured by Samsung with an access time of a nanosecond. The RV670 GPU is clocked on the graphics card with 735 MHz while the memory is controlled with a frequency of 981 MHz.

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    Re: Performance of HIS Radeon HD 3850 IceQ 3 Turbo X

    In comparison, the reference design of the Radeon HD 3850 is clocked much lower. In this act of the computing core with 670 MHz and 830 MHz memory. HIS has not missed to adjust the clock speeds for the 2D mode, so the 3D accelerator can use the PowerPlay features. In this, the GPU at 300 MHz and the memory can be controlled with 828 MHz. On the bracket to find the usual two HDCP-compliant DVI ports and an HDTV output. The cable equipment can convince the Radeon HD 3850 Turbo X iceQ3. One CrossFire bridge, and a DVI to D-SUB, DVI to HDMI and S-Video to composite cable takes the buyer from within the box. In addition, a very practical Screwdriver is included, so you can leave your own tools easily. What about a more economical, however, turns out the software features. More than a driver CD and a coupon for "Half-Life 2 Lost Coast" and "Half-Life 2 Death Match" is not, unfortunately.

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