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Thread: "GFXUI stopped working" error message occurs after boots up my laptop

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    "GFXUI stopped working" error message occurs after boots up my laptop

    Having an Acer machine which running in windows 7 platform. I basically use this for access internet from both, my office and from my home network. The machine is works fine with the features and the look of my laptop is also impressed me very much. Now the problem is while I start the machine it shows a error message like "GFXUI stopped working", what this error message means. I am not a technical person and having no such kind of idea on this type of issue. Is there anyone having nay information along with that any solution to solve this issue? Any input regarding this will be appreciated greatly.

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    Re: "GFXUI stopped working" error message occurs after boots up my laptop

    As per my knowledge about this type of problem I think this issue is occurring for the graphical interface that you are using. So for that I suggest you to either update or download the update version of your graphics driver, will help you lot. First of all enter into device manager, expand the display driver or might be named with other name. Look for the device driver and right click on it. Select update option and wait till the update process not complete. System reboot might be requiring after the process. Try this; I think this will definitely help you to solve the issue. If still the problem arrives over there then I recommend you to download the latest version of graphics driver, be sure that you are going for the correct one, it should be compatible with your machine specification.
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    Re: "GFXUI stopped working" error message occurs after boots up my laptop

    This problem is occurs for Intel GUI Graphics interface. I had the similar issue in my Dell laptop. I also not have any such technical ideas. So to resolve the issue i spend a lot time to locate any tricks to recover this issue. One of my friends was also helping me very much to do this. After a long research on this, I found this cause of the problem. And there is only solution for this problem I found. This is replace the graphics driver with the update and machine compatibly mode. For that go to Intel official web site and from there look for the graphics driver, which is compatible with the machine hardware specification along with the operating system that you are using.

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    Re: "GFXUI stopped working" error message occurs after boots up my laptop

    Similar issue with my Hp computer. I basically use for the gaming purpose. The other specifications of the machine are like 3GB RAM, 500GB hard disk drive along with that using Intel G43 Express graphics Chipset, the machine is running with windows vista platform. it does not give me any problem till the last day. But from yesterday it encountered a problem, while I was playing game in my machine, it suddenly stopped working and freezes for some times. I then stop the gaming application from the process tab of task manager and reboot the machine and after renter the password and user-name there is a error message flashed in my machine screen “GFXUI stopped working”. Actually I am not having any idea on this issue. How to solve this problem, any idea?

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    Re: "GFXUI stopped working" error message occurs after boots up my laptop

    There is a simple solution for this problem, I did this process and it works. Actually this problem is occurs for the graphical interface which is installed in your machine. So I suggest you to re-install the drive. First of all enter into device manager and under that locate display driver tab, expand the tab and go to driver option now right click on it and select t update option. It will show you two option, either go for the online update software or by manually. Insert the driver installation disk and select the manual option. Now locate the driver installation file from the disk, and follow the instructions to install the driver in your machine. Try with this, it will surely help you to overcome from the problem.

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    Re: "GFXUI stopped working" error message occurs after boots up my laptop

    I think this problem is might be occurred for the Microsoft visual, studio application program. Some of the machine specifications are supporting the .NET framework for better graphical interface. If you did not install this framework then install that one, and if this one installed in your machine, from the control panel un-install the program, reboot your machine. Along with turn off the windows feature option. You will get another window from there uncheck Microsoft .Net Framework. Re-install the software application, recommend you to install the update version of the framework. Go through this, it will definitely help you to resolve your issue.

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