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Thread: NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT vs 8800GT vs ATI Radeon HD 3870

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    NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT vs 8800GT vs ATI Radeon HD 3870

    I want to buy a graphics card and I hesitating for that. Actually I am confused between these three graphic cards. First one is NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT, second one is NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT and the third one is ATI Radeon HD . As per my research all the three graphic cards are best but I cannot buy all the three. I need only one graphic card and that has to be the best one, because I am paying hard earned money for that. Anyways just let me which is the best graphic card I can have for playing latest games. Any related reply will be appreciated and I will be waiting reply from your side.

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    Re: NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT vs 8800GT vs ATI Radeon HD 3870

    The name "GeForce 9600 GT" suggests, the chip name "G94" clear that the new mid-range graphics card based on a new chip architecture, or a refresher - the architecture is identical to that of the G92 on a GeForce 8800 GT and GeForce 8800 GTS 512th Nvidia justify the name change with a price / performance ratio that has not existed before. So the performance is in spite of the identical price for the GeForce 8600 GTS more than doubled. In addition to offering Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT in some modifications in PureVideo HD, that threads the image quality of videos in high definition format and offer up a few other refinements. Nvidia should provide two copies of the GeForce 9600 GT for a test is available. The graphics card is based on the reference design and comes with the set of Nvidia speeds and the standard cooling system. In short it is good but not the best compared to other two.

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    Re: NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT vs 8800GT vs ATI Radeon HD 3870

    Nvidia presented the mid-range series GeForce 8600 and the low-end derivatives of the GeForce 8500 and GeForce 8400-series and a direct competitor AMD was just as little idle, and placed after a long wait, the Radeon HD 2000 graphics cards on the market. Then it seemed as if AMD and Nvidia would rest a little, but behind the scenes it was quite hot. The 3D accelerator has a real value for Champion, as it was thought so far. About the revised G92 GPU brings advantages to the G80 successful predecessor. If you are thinking of going for this NVIDIA GeForce 8600 then do not think just get this card. Trust me it the best cards that you can get in a limited amount of budget.

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    Re: NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT vs 8800GT vs ATI Radeon HD 3870

    The PowerColor HD 3870 runs at the default clock speeds of this series and with the reference cooler from AMD also provided. The new features of this graphics card are support for DirectX 10.1 and Universal Video Decoder (UVD). The only differences between the Radeon HD 3870 and 3850 besides the price are the clock speeds. The chip clock is 3870 and 16% of the memory clock 46% higher than in the 3850h. Like the packaging with the slightly lost-eyed Amazon is also in the equipment of the PowerColor HD 3870 largely to the Radeon HD 3850 Xtreme from the same manufacturer. Again it is up to the driver or software package as games, but otherwise, again, all necessary adapters and cables included. Additionally comes with a HDMI adapter. This was the Xtreme model is not needed, since this was already equipped with an HDMI connector, while the 3870 has two DVI ports. Otherwise, an S-video cable would have been preferable, because it offers better picture quality than the included RCA cables.

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