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Thread: Graphic Card Suggestion with DirectX 11 Support

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    Graphic Card Suggestion with DirectX 11 Support

    I am in search of the graphic card which can suit on my desktop's processor as well as motherboard. My machine has a Dual Core CPU E5400 @ 2.70 GHz and Gigabyte G31M-ES2L motherboard. My budget is some around Rs.12000/- and it is obvious that if I am buying a new graphic card then it must be having a DirectX 11 support. Do I need make any changes with the RAM after buying a new Graphic Card?

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    Re: Graphic Card Suggestion with DirectX 11 Support

    If your desktop system has 720w psu is a corsair 1 then you can buy sapphire 6850 1gb which will cost you some around Rs.10000/-. You get the HD 6850 at about the same performance as Radeon HD 5850 and GeForce GTX 460 1.0 GB. Second, does the card despite the lower power consumption optimized for chip architecture more juice than the Radeon HD 5850, while the Radeon HD 6870 compared to the HD 5870 with less energy manages. The noise level under load is higher than the GTX Gefore 460th.

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    Re: Graphic Card Suggestion with DirectX 11 Support

    1. Entry level (< Rs.5700): The ATI HD 5670 DDR5-G, representing the bare minimum to play properly on most games on 19 "screen (except the greediest);
    2. Input / midrange (Rs.5700 - 8550): Nvidia 450 GTS 1GB, or its competitor, the ATI HD 5770 1GB and the 2 cards are pretty close, will be chosen based on function schedules or tastes of everyone, of Moreover, used in SLI or CrossFire, they achieve performance premium for a lower cost;
    3. Mid-range (Rs.8550 - 12540): the nVidia GTX 460 1GB, which overclock very well 20% (and moving toward the GTX 470), or HD 6850, to 170 €, including performances are very similar, with a much lower consumption;
    4. Mid / high range (Rs.12540 - 17100): HD 6870, to 230 €, intermediate power between HD 5850 and 5870, which easily replaces the HD 5850, GTX 470, whose price has fallen remains an option, but is somewhat less interesting view power consumption;
    5. Top of range (> Rs.17100): The ATI HD 5870, which can play high detail of the most demanding games like Metro 2033 Full HD screen.

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    Re: Graphic Card Suggestion with DirectX 11 Support

    The choice ranges between 30 € and 600 €, the first thing is to define the budget and the intended applications. We can define models of graphics cards into 4 major categories of interest (arbitrary) based on price and usage:

    • The bottom line: use playful but can not run some games not very recent and low resolution, price around 30 € -80
    • The entry level: to turn recent games without too mount the graphic details, more suited to game users "not greedy" like strategy games or simulations, rate between 80 and 150 €
    • The mid-range allows you to play virtually every detail in depth and high resolution in the latest games, probably the most suitable choice for gamers who can not afford or do not wish to buy a card "very high range ", price between 150 € and 300 €
    • The high end: maximum performance in action games (FPS), very high detail and resolution, price of 300 €. Particularly suited to owners of large screens and high resolution (over 24 inches)

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    Re: Graphic Card Suggestion with DirectX 11 Support

    For use not fun or quite limited (old games), the cheapest cards will suffice. This can even settle for a chip on a motherboard ( see article ), be aware that a more expensive graphics card will do nothing more than 2D, ie windows, office, to surf, to play videos (except certain decoding functions to relieve the processor). Modern graphics cards are used mainly for video games in 3D. For non-gamers looking for a graphics card with minimum expenditure, the Nvidia GeForce G210 PCI-E card is a good to very good price (less than 40 euros). The equivalent AMD is the Radeon HD 4350 is also a very good choice.

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    Re: Graphic Card Suggestion with DirectX 11 Support

    These specifications are specified, you should be able to choose your motherboard and CPU depending on the type of use you want for your PC. Manufacturers are finally quite small, making motherboards being mainly due to 3 major manufacturers: Asus, Gigabyte and MSI, but there are also some outsiders like Foxconn. Asrock is not really a separate manufacturer, it is a subsidiary of Asus producing maps at low cost but with quality Asus. Most current cards work with DDR3: it consumes less bandwidth and is higher than DDR2. Solutions Intel or AMD Phenom i5/i7 II will be equipped for DDR3, it is mandatory for motherboards Socket AM3 and 1156/1366.

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