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Thread: Extended monitor issue through display port in M90z

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    Extended monitor issue through display port in M90z

    We are having problem expanding the desktop to a second monitor as of from the display port from the m90 to the display port on a Lenovo monitor by means of a display port. The m90 will observe the 2nd monitor however we cannot obtain it to extend. Has anybody else had this problem? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Extended monitor issue through display port in M90z

    Having same problem.At what time we extend by means of the display port to dvi adapter to a monitor which has dvi it is workings well. It just fails at what time using display port on the way to display port. Unluckily the Lenovo monitors we have just have vga in or else display port an dno dvi.
    My specs: intel hd graphics, windows xp pro.

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    Re: Extended monitor issue through display port in M90z

    As per my knowledge the port choice is standard, by means of one surprise. The Think Centre M90z's accurate side houses the optical drive, a multi-format flash-card reader, as well as a couple of USB ports, all along by means of audio as well as microphone jacks. A quick look at the back reveals a VGA port, four extra USB ports, a plug designed for the power cable, as well as a DisplayPort connector. The last be able to be making use of to plug in a compatible second monitor or a projector for presentation. Just make certain your secondary show device has a DisplayPort interface; these are at a standstill unusual. Or else, you will have on the way to supply an adapter.

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