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Thread: ThinkCentre m90z Dual Monitors

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    ThinkCentre m90z Dual Monitors

    I presently did a fresh installation of Vista Business Edition on my IBM Thinkpad T42.Previous to this I was running Windows XP Service Pack 2. I had a double display by means of my second monitor associated to the VGA port on my ThinkPad. On the other hand, in view of the fact that installing Vista, I am not capable to acquire a dual display. At what time I go to the Control Panel / Display options, the window that frequently shows a diagram of together monitors side by side by means of a large "1" as well as "2" is only displaying one monitor. It appears the second monitor is not even being detected.The outside monitor is certainly associated as well as in working condition; at what time I unplug it in the screen changes to the "Self Test Feature Check".Any suggestion on what this could be? Is there some information I may possibly give that would be helpful in diagnosing this?Thank you in advance for any valuable suggestion.

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    Re: ThinkCentre m90z Dual Monitors

    I also came across this trouble as well. We are estimating the purchase of ThinkCentre M90z All-In-One Computers. I have two M90z Type 0870-A4U Computers running Windows7 Pro, as well as two Lenovo Think Vision L2321x 23" widescreen monitors.I was capable to acquire the second monitor to work by placing the computer into Sleep mode. Ahead waking up as well as after that logging onto the PC, the second monitor is workings! I was after that able on the way to move programs to the second monitor.If I create some changes on the way to the display settings, similar to changing to "Show desktop only on 2" as well as after that set it back to "Extend these displays" the second monitor leftovers black. At this point, I place the Computer into sleep mode. At what time I wake up the PC as well as log on the second monitor comes up.This only functions in Sleep mode. It does not work at what time I Shut down, Restart, Hibernate or else even Log off.Here is one more thing, if I go all the way through this routine as well as do not finish typing the password previous to the second monitor times out, it does not come back up.

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    Re: ThinkCentre m90z Dual Monitors

    I obtain the secondary monitor on the way to work by updating the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD drivers.The Computer was at version dated 5/9/2010. I have then installed dated 10/23/2010 from Intel . Subsequent to the required reboot, the secondary monitor came up automatically using the DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable.

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    Re: ThinkCentre m90z Dual Monitors

    I am as well facing this trouble. After this I started making use of the VGA port.And now both the monitors are working fine.My computer's specifications are as follows:
    Pentium D 3.0GHz
    RAM: 4GB total, 1GB sticks - SDRAM DDR2 533
    Video Cards: XFX GeForce 7950GT 512MB GDDR3 (SLi)
    Windows XP Pro
    Primary - SCEPTRE X20G-Naga III 20.1" LCD
    Secondary - Tyris T701DB 17" LCD

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