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Thread: AOC 2236Vw monitor vs Benq G2220HD monitor

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    AOC 2236Vw monitor vs Benq G2220HD monitor

    I am looking for desktop LCD monitor from many days. I have come forward with this pair of LCD monitor i.e. AOC 2236Vw monitor and Benq G2220HD monitor. I am confusing that to which monitor I should go for. I know that this both monitor is good for use and it will work on my system properly without giving me any other kind of problem. Which one of this is the best amongst each other? Does anyone have come with this problem while purchasing the LCD monitor for you system? Any help related to this will appreciated. Thanking you in Advance.

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    Re: AOC 2236Vw monitor vs Benq G2220HD monitor

    AOC 2236VW is a 22 inches LCD monitor with a protected DVI-D connection; wonderful as an office monitor or video display. The AOC 2236Vw is a 22 inches LCD Widescreen HD Monitor Screen, with mutually analog D-sub and DVI-D inputs. It have a super-fast comeback time, it’s wall-mountable and require very less energy expenditure.
    • Size 22"
    • Viewable picture Size 21.5"
    • Brightness 300 cd/m2
    • Contrast Ratio 60000:1
    • Response Time 5ms
    • Optimum Resolution 1920 x 1080
    • Sixteen Million Colors Supported
    • Analog Input RGB D-Sub
    • Digital Input DVI-HDCP

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    Re: AOC 2236Vw monitor vs Benq G2220HD monitor

    The Benq G2220HD is extremely good example of a budget HD-capable board. While slightly cheaper than the Asus, there’s extremely little dissimilarity in terms of performance. If no matter which, the Benq offers that insignificant bit of additional quality. And it does appear nicer, all of which leads us to advise this as an extraordinary to purchase. The Asus is secure though, and those with the requirements for a physical HDMI port may still be influenced by the jewelry of its VH222H.

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    Re: AOC 2236Vw monitor vs Benq G2220HD monitor

    I know that the AOC is the popular monitor producer it had present the new AOC 2236 VW LCD monitor in the market. This LCD monitor is intended using smooth enclosed space and stylish look. AOC is apprehension on the functionality of their monitor products. They utilize a touch button to control the monitor the settings. By it specifications, this AOC 2236 VW can be categorize as an elevated end monitor which can distribute a high classification resolution videos. But the AOC 2236 does not comprise HDMI connectivity to onboard. But it can be solved by means of HDMI dongle, but regrettably you must buy this HDMI dongle separately. AOC does not include the HDMI dongle for various reasons. On the investigation The AOC 2236 VW monitor can give most excellent result. All color signifies very well with high excellence contrast and quick response time. We can also run the HD movie on this monitor screen with the fulfilling result. The benchmarking result of the AOC 2236 VW LCD monitor is shown below.
    Benchmarking result:
    • Color: 83 percentage
    • Contrast: 89 percentage
    • Viewing angle: 90 percentage
    • Brightness & Distortion: 80 percentag

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    Re: AOC 2236Vw monitor vs Benq G2220HD monitor

    The Benq G2220HD monitor is smarter, slimmer with the ratio 16:9 LCD Monitor. The possibility and collision caused by the global warming in excess of the last decades have really concerned the international group of people. Environmentalist around the earth has gone in huge lengths to efficiently create consciousness on alarming issues such as carbon dioxide decreasing and power supply conservation. In turn, authentic efforts to accumulate the earth are incessantly being inserted into areas such as community transits, home electronics, and etc. I this is my experience related to this LCD monitor and I hope you must really go for the Benq G2220HD monitor only.
    • Display Size 21.5"Widescreen
    • Product Color Glossy Black
    • Resolution 1920x1080
    • Pixel Pitch 0.248
    • Brightness 300 cd/㎡
    • Contrast Ratio 1000:1
    • Response Time typ. 5ms
    • Display Area 476.64x268.11
    • Viewing Angle

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