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Thread: BenQ LCD Monitor Wall Mounts

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    BenQ LCD Monitor Wall Mounts

    Recently I buy a Benq LCD Monitor. I successfully have detached the base and currently I would like to attach it on Wall. I know that TV mounting and viewing should be level to the eyes and sitting place in order to decrease eye and neck strain apart from to how great a flat panel looks mounted over the fireplace. But it is not natural having to lift your neck and eyes high in order to look at TV. So please tell me what should be the height or viewing angle for perfect picture.

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    Re: BenQ LCD Monitor Wall Mounts

    Wall mounts provide an outstanding means of integrating a Plasma TV or LCD TV into a room surroundings thus freeing up floor space and using the living area for some other purpose. If you would like a "movie-type" screening angle, look at it this way. At a movie, you are looking up. Your head is generally at eye level to the bottom of the movie screen, depending on where you sit .I have a 60", sit 11 feet from my TV, and i do not want to look up. The size of the screen provides me with the movie knowledge without me having looked up. So I place the TV in almost the similar level as any TV, which for my home is about 20-24" over the floor. That sits me approximately centered on the screen.

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    Re: BenQ LCD Monitor Wall Mounts

    Basically sit in the most used viewing position. Mount the TV so that the center of screen or just below center level is at eye level. A lot of people be likely to mount to higher up, as lower doesn't essentially appear right on a tall wall; just keep in mind that you do not actually won't to be continually looking up to view your screen. To be straightforward if you were to sit your TV on a standard TV stand and then mounted on the wall, presently a little above that height, you would be in the ball park.

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    Re: BenQ LCD Monitor Wall Mounts

    I assume that these thoughts are correct on as I always thought the best possible eye height at center of the screen in the usual seating position. I think with the current LCD's that have a wider viewing angle you can lift it a small and have approximately no bad effects or if wall mounted angle it down a few. I think you could get a pain in your neck if up to high. In a bedroom it can be a little higher when laying down. Also the additional back you are the fewer the angle is and you can go up if you required. When I decide the height on mine I found that items on a coffee table would block the bottom of the set at the best height so we moved it up a little. When every person was buying rear projection sets you could not move it up a large amount without badly disturbing the picture.

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