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Thread: Solution for display issue of flat panel

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    Solution for display issue of flat panel

    I was having Microsoft window XP operating system on my desktop. Few months back I have started to use flat panel display for my desktop. But from last few days I am facing some problems with flat panel. The images are not clear, font size display problem, video freezing problem. I have also tries to change the settings of the flat panel but failed. Is there any solution to overcome this problem? Also suggest me some tips while using flat panel.

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    Re: Solution for display issue of flat panel

    Flat panel display supports only a single resolution. If you have changes the default display of flat panel then picture and text will display blurry. You can adjust your flat panel so that the images, text are clearly visible. For the visibility of text, image you need to set the flat panel display to default resolution. For viewing the picture and text you should decrease your flat panel resolution. For fitting/adjusting images and text you should increase your flat panel resolution.

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    Re: Solution for display issue of flat panel

    The resolution of monitor can be adjusted very easily. You need to follow these steps to change the resolution
    1. Right click the mouse on the desktop and select properties.
    2. Select display properties dialog box and click on settings tab to open it.
    3. Drag the screen resolution slider to left to decrease the monitor resolution so that text and picture appears to be large while dragging the slider to the right increase the resolution so that text and picture appear small.
    4. After clicking on apply the new resolution for flat panel display will be selected.
    5. You can check the resolution which has been selected by you by clicking on yes in the monitor resolution dialog box. If you don’t like the selected resolution click on no to return back to previous resolution.
    6. Click on OK button.

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    Re: Solution for display issue of flat panel

    The video problem in flat panel might occur because of monitor power. Check the power and the connection. There might be problem in playing the video because of cable. There might be possibility that the cable through which your monitor has been connected is damaged. To check the cable purchase the new cable and replace it with the older cable and check it the problem occurs.

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    Re: Solution for display issue of flat panel

    From the above solution I have adjusted my screen resolution on the XP operating system. I also want to adjust my flat panel resolution on windows 7 platform but am unable to find the option of adjusting the resolution in the windows 7. Give me the steps to find the resolution settings in windows 7.

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    Re: Solution for display issue of flat panel

    The issue for the flat panel can be solved very easily. If there is problem of picture such that they are not visible clearly then you can make the settings to the flat panel and the picture will be clearly visible. If you are using nvidia drivers for graphics and motherboard then there are nvidia scaling options available in nvidia control panel. Open the nvidia scaling option from “adjust desktop size and position” tab and adjust your desktop. Click on OK to save the scaling options after you have selected.

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