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Thread: Superclocking Gigabyte GV-N470SO-13I vs EVGA 470

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    Superclocking Gigabyte GV-N470SO-13I vs EVGA 470

    I previously bought an EVGA 470 Super clocked and I could obtain sunning overclocks through this card 1548 on the shader clock 4000 on top of the memory clock and this was running at 1087v and fan speed 87%. But this was extremely loud so I saw gigabyte had a super over clocked video card coming out and I visited some of the site related to this and their they have written in there review that they got the good with this but not able to get much information related to this. My findings are nothing but extreme disappointment. GV-N470SO-13I runs cooler at factory settings but as soon as you push the needle its temperature get higher. So regarding this please help me and give me suggestion as soon as it is possible.

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    Re: Superclocking Gigabyte GV-N470SO-13I vs EVGA 470

    It is really disappointing. It could be that from where you get the review I think they got some nice hardware and that is why they get the nice results. Or possibly the other reason could be that your particular chip came from the inferior end of what is satisfactory at the wafer fab plant and everybody else can over clock better. And on this I am thinking more the latter than the former. You absolutely did not purchase a 'faulty card' for the reason that it does work as advertised by Gigabyte.

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    Re: Superclocking Gigabyte GV-N470SO-13I vs EVGA 470

    Regarding this my situation is same like you and related to it I have contacted Gigabyte today to discover out why I am receiving such horrifying marks. They had run a small number of tests and up to date me that I had an out of order card. They had run a small number of tests and up to date me that I had an out of order card. It should be able to easily obtain marks past what I had been getting. So I have an RMA and we will see.

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    Re: Superclocking Gigabyte GV-N470SO-13I vs EVGA 470

    Like you friends I am also going through this and I experienced the similar issues like others. I think this is same issue and it is happening because of the faulty card. I was turned onto gigabyte based off their low down sound. The EVGA sounds similar to a Jet engine but if I am not able to overclock the gigabyte version as much then I would willingly have a jet flying in my living room then the disappointment of having a card I am not able to tweak past factories settings devoid of be concerned of it crashing. So please tell me that how can I fix this issue?

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    Re: Superclocking Gigabyte GV-N470SO-13I vs EVGA 470

    I think I have solution for your issue and for this you just contact the gigabyte as like you I have also gone many of the issue related to this then I call these guys and they really solve my most of the issue so I will suggest you to once talk with these guys and I hope you will able to get your solution. Or there is one more solution I think may be the replacing the factory would give you lowers temps. So if you want then you can try this.

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