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Thread: HP G62 - Getting the error code 37 for graphics card driver

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    HP G62 - Getting the error code 37 for graphics card driver

    I have recently purchased a HP G62 and it was running without any problem, but now i am getting the problem related with the graphics. My resolution got shrunk when i opened my laptop. After searching for a long time i founded that my laptop was not reading the driver and i gave me an error code 37 which says that “Cannot initialize device driver ". Currently i am having no idea about this problem. So i would like to take your help on this topic. Please do provide me the help.

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    Solve the isssue by going to the registry editor

    I am having a solution for this problem and i am providing it below -
    1. First open the search box by going to the start.
    2. You need to type "regedit" in the box and then press enter.
    3. Now you will require to navigate through the path HKey_Local_Machine>system>currentcontrolset>control>class> {4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}.
    4. Once you do this now need to locate the upper and lower filters value in the registry.
    5. Now go to the edit menu and click on the delete and then on the OK.
    6. Now need to close the registry editor.

    Try it out.

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    Try to uninstall the graphics card driver and reinstall it

    I will recommend you to try to uninstall the graphics card driver & reinstall it and see whether it solve the problem or not. So follow the steps given below.
    • Go to the search box in the start menu.
    • Then you need to type devmgmt.msc inside the box and press the enter key.
    • Now you will require going to the device manager and need to expand the graphics card which is listed in the list.
    • Then right click on the driver and click Uninstall.
    • After doing that you will require rebooting the computer.
    • Rebooting will reinstall the driver.

    I think that doing this will help you in fixing your issue.

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    Manually try to download the driver and install it.

    I think that the problem you are facing is related with the graphics card driver. So i will recommend to remove your driver and try to manually download the driver from the Intel site. After the driver is completed, then try to install the driver on your system. Even i have solved my problem by trying doing this. So you can also go for it. Hope that this will definitely solve your problem.

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    Even after updating the driver getting the error code 37

    I am facing the same problem in my machine. I have tried to update the driver and even i have tried to reinstall the latest driver, but doing this is not helping me in solving the problem. I am still getting the same error code 37. I have also tried to contact to the Intel support team, but they are not responding to my reply. So can you please provide me the solution in order to solve it out? Thanks for giving the previous reply.

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