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Thread: Warcraft(3) with multiple monitors?

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    Warcraft(3) with multiple monitors?

    I was looking to utilize my old monitor to work with imac computer together. I bought this imac computer just 2 weeks ago and it’s brand new. I also purchased mini DVI to VGA adapter to work on multiple monitor because as I told wanted to utilize my old monitor. So I connect my old CRT with imac computer and it was working well with normal computer works. But not it was the time to test it with WC3 games. When I played game it was working on Imac screen but old CRT was black. I do not know where is the problem? Why it is making problem only with games? Since other works going well with both screens, game should also perform well. Do you people have done this type of settings ever? Please explain me where is the problem? Should I need to install additional drivers to solve this problem? Please help me.

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    Re: Warcraft(3) with multiple monitors?

    I have same doubt for dual screen. I am using dual arrangement on windows operating system. Its working fine on excel and some other official works. But I want to use game, it gives me problem. When I try to play game on multiple screens it minimizes the screen on 2nd screen and only able to see it first screen. I have checked all display setting in game preference but nowhere had I found these dual options. I think so I am not alone here with this query. Since every OS is facing problem then I am sure I have to install third party application or it will not work. So my exact question; is there any application which will allow me to play this game on both screens? Please inform me as soon as possible.

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    Re: Warcraft(3) with multiple monitors?

    I have seen the similar subject with full screen games. The most excellent answer I have established is to execute the game in window mode, then make your screen resolution at higher resolution so it is better than the game window. On now from there you access in to general right of entry and turn on zoom. You will be able to make you one screen look like full screen without sacrifice the 2nd (or third) screen's functionality by zooming in. You are finest off using the "only shift screen when pointers reach the border of the monitor" setting, otherwise it will be an ache to utilize a mouse in the game. Why, difficult, are you getting to do extra things while running War craft III? The majority of games are planned to live in your filled interest. Best of luck!

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    Re: Warcraft(3) with multiple monitors?

    On my system I able to use multiple monitors without any problem but when I try to use game on multiple monitors its need all your focus and processor. I think so all people making same mistake. Why are you running all other information and works, when you are trying to run games on both screens? You should atop all others game when and it will work well. I am doing same to get deon this on my system. there is no need to run messengers and browsers when you are running games on multiple monitors.

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