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Thread: GTX 470 Problems

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    GTX 470 Problems

    The machine which i have has the problem to crash when it comes to playing the games, this problem is not effected when i am engaged with other work to be done, as i may watch the videos, this problem even lasts when i watch the you tube videos, the graphic card which i use is of the gtx 470, i tried downloading all the drivers and done various installations but this problem did not solve.

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    Re: GTX 470 Problems

    The system crash problem which you have for the games which you play,as you are facing problem for the game let me please know which kind of game you play,if your machine is new then there is no need to update your bios, just try to reset it,or try to reinstall or repair the windows,the video drivers even be recommended to be installed.

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    Re: GTX 470 Problems

    The problem for the games in GTX 470 where your system gets crashed, so i would like to recommend you that the nvidea drivers install the sound drivers for the HDMI cables, windows 7 and I'm guessing other forms as well XP-Vista, you must go into control panel and make sure everything is made default for your on board or sound card drivers this means Mic,Speakers, as well as all programs you use for music TV or movies,download Driver sweeper and delete or just uninstall the nvidia sound driver so there will be no crashes.

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    Re: GTX 470 Problems

    The GTX 470. It uses four GPCs making for a total of 512 Cores, 64 texture units, 16 PolyMorph engines, and four Raster engines. These are coupled with 48 ROPs split up into six groups of eight, with each group being serviced by a 64-bit memory controller, GTX 470's demand £319.99,Overclocking has just been made a bit easier again for NVIDIA cards.

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