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Thread: ATI AceEventLog Error Messages on ATI Catalyst 8.5

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    ATI AceEventLog Error Messages on ATI Catalyst 8.5

    I am using the Windows Vista as my operating system. Along with that I am using the ATI Catalyst 8.5 and ATI Radeon 9600. The Radeon 9600 is recently upgraded to version 7.6 and later CCC. Now, every minute, an entry ACEEventLog information in the Application Log of Event Viewer. Does anyone faces this same issue. Please help me to sort out this problem.

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    Re: ATI AceEventLog Error Messages on ATI Catalyst 8.5

    In any case you have a problem with your graphics card and a driver (seen the errors). Things in the device manager but your graphics driver and update the driver and your card PCI (Internet). All drivers are current, ATI is the graphics card for audio is Creative Audigy 4. In the transmission ring road, there is no question mark on anything, everything works perfectly from Windows.

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    Re: ATI AceEventLog Error Messages on ATI Catalyst 8.5

    Update since the Catalyst 7.6 (Vista 32-bit) without installing the games. Fairly long procedure, intermittent black screens up of a couple (normal), then reboot. After rebooting the system your office resizes itself in 1280 * 1024 resolution. Have you uninstalled the old before? Driver Cleaner goes where, but I'm not sure it solves the pb. Hope that Driver Cleaner helps you.

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    Re: ATI AceEventLog Error Messages on ATI Catalyst 8.5

    I am asking my question here because I you guys have really helped me many times. For some time after a reboot, I systematically ten lines that are part of the observer of events, like this :
    0000000042: 2010-04-30 17: 59:37:250 FAILED: ADL.ADL.ADL_DFP_AllowOnlyCETimings_Get
    Error Called by: ATI.ACE.CLI.Aspect.DeviceDFP.Graphics.Runtime.RT_DeviceDFP:: Parse processID: 04,032 ThreadID: () domainName: (ccc.exe) AssemblyName (CLI.Aspect.DeviceDFP.Graphics.Runtime, Version = 2.0.3748.36876, Culture = neutral, PublicKeyToken = 90ba9c70f846762e)
    My system is windows xp pro 32 bit, fully updated, my graphics card is a Radeon HD3850 agp, hotfix last 10.4 installed. When I click the Help link Microsoft, it refers to .Net version 2, which is installed and updated. I do not understand what is happening, because then I just reinstall my system after a severe crash, everything is properly installed.

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    Re: ATI AceEventLog Error Messages on ATI Catalyst 8.5

    You will have to downloads malwarebytes :
    1. Save it to the desktop
    2. Double click the downloaded file to start the installation process.
    3. In the "Update", click the Search button to update
    4. If the firewall requesting permission to connect to malwarebytes, accept
    5. Once the update finished restart in safe mode! Double-click the shortcut
    6. Select the tab, search
    7. Select Run a full review of the selected disk or scanner
    8. Click on Search
    9. The scan starts.

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