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Thread: Flat Panel Scaling Problem

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    ohmy Flat Panel Scaling Problem

    I have been using a flat panel display with my desktop. Now it appears as my flat panel display is not functioning properly. It appears as the picture quality is not proper. even i cannot read some texts which have lower fonts. Its been only six months when i bough a new LG flat panel displays. please tell me a way to get rid of this problem flat panel display scaling.

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    Re: Flat Panel Scaling Problem

    Due to the nature of LCD technology, it is possible that a certain amount of points (pixels) are not displayed correctly. If your monitor has too many pixel defects within a certain area, you may be distracted. In this situation you should degauss your system atleast once using the menu on the monitor using the monitor buttons.

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    Re: Flat Panel Scaling Problem

    Change the screen resolution to match the original resolution by following these steps:
    • In Windows Vista, click Start , Control Panel, find the area of Appearance and Personalization, and then click Adjust screen resolution.
    • Move the slider to set the monitor's native resolution, and then click OK.
    • In Windows XP, click Start, Settings and then Control Panel. Double-click the Display icon and select the Settings tab.
    • Move the slider to set the monitor's native resolution, and then click OK.
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    Re: Flat Panel Scaling Problem

    To solve this problem, check the monitor's power, try the video connection between your computer and monitor to ensure it is properly connected and connect the monitor to another computer.

    For specific steps, use the HP support document given by the laptop manufacturer on its website or try to search the instruction in the user manuals.

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    Re: Flat Panel Scaling Problem

    Check the monitor cable because it pretends to be damaged. Since the monitor cable appears to be damaged. You need to get it checked on a different system if this is not working then simply buy a new monitor cables and connect the monitor with the newly purchased cable this will make your monitor working again.

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    Re: Flat Panel Scaling Problem

    If the computer connected to the monitor you are using Windows Vista, perform the following steps:

    • Start the computer in Safe Mode. Restart the computer and press F8 repeatedly after the first screen. From the Windows Advanced Options menu, select Safe Mode and press Enter.
    • While the computer is in Safe Mode, press the Auto button on the front of the monitor to run Automatic again.
    • If the image is sharper in Safe Mode, while continuing in that mode, reinstall the monitor drivers from the CD that came with the product.

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    Re: Flat Panel Scaling Problem

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