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Thread: GTX 295 HDMI PORT NOT working

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    GTX 295 HDMI PORT NOT working

    Hi all,

    Recently i am installing the nvidia GTX 295. A card with the difference between N card Preferred explanation is that Nvdia the GPU and not integrated audio processing unit, so each HDMI graphics card manufacturers are "Quxianjiuguo" in the graphics set the audio input interface, use the former to manually look at the motherboard and graphics card before connecting the data cable. But i realise that HDMI port is not working. Please suggest. Thanks in advance.

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    GTX 295 HDMI PORT NOT working

    You need to do the software settings for NVIDIA graphics:
    Step 1: Install the Microsoft patch KB888111 for HD Audio sound card and corresponding driver.
    Step 2: In the "Control Panel → Sound Audio Device", select "SPDIF output device."
    Step 3: Install the NVIDIA ForceWare graphics driver, and then open the NVIDIA Control Panel Senior way into the "video and television signal or HD format < change" option, then you can see the connection on a computer system detected flat-panel TV, click on its icon and the specific circumstances of the television set can be the appropriate video resolution, such as setting the 1080P Full HD mode.

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    Re: GTX 295 HDMI PORT NOT working

    You need to check the HDMI output reliability testing:
    1. Source output drive capability test;
    2. Cable attenuation characteristics of test;
    3. High-frequency and high-capacity data transmission reliability; Criterion: can transmit up to 30 meters, to ensure the sound image normal; large-capacity DVD (multi subtitles, multi-channel) playback fluency screen;
    4. Boot, standby, HDMI output is normal.

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    GTX 295 HDMI PORT NOT working

    HDMI output port function test are:
    1. HDMI port supports 1080I, 720P HD format video output;
    2. HDMI port supports a variety of compressed and uncompressed digital audio output;
    3. Receiving equipment automatically detects the screen ratio; criteria: under the same film source, HDMI high-definition image quality should be better than CVBS output and the general color "more clear, no flicker, more details on the performance of power, more realistic colors,"; If you accept the TV equipment can decode digital audio from the HDMI output signal, the receiving end should have sound output; HDMI output can adjust the output aspect ratio to adapt to accept the equipment.

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    GTX 295 HDMI PORT NOT working

    You need to also edit the registry and enable the patch, concrete steps are as follows:
    a) Click START - RUN, type in the Open dialog box command REGEDIT.EXE
    b) enter HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetContro lSession Manager, and create a new key.
    c) name it Throttle
    d) Right-click Throttle, and create a new DWORD value.
    e) will be named PerfEnablePackageIdle
    f) Right-click PerfEnablePackageIdle, and then click Edit
    g) In the revised dialog box, enter the number 1. Sure to select the 16 band in the data box, click ok.
    h) Quit Registry Editor.

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    GTX 295 HDMI PORT NOT working

    You need to try the following:
    1. May be where you did not switch to the HDMI channel
    2. May be the port issue, for a try, do not line-for-TV try
    3. May be the line problem, try changing line
    4. May be a need to set the computer to switch the external display device. Select Properties from the desktop which can also be used laptop fn key plus F5 switch what, specifically to look at these F1-F12 keys above the icon, which is like a TV box like that, it wants to.
    5. HDMI interface, the current graphics card does not work, try replacing the drive
    6. Graphics HDMI, damaged, replace repair.

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    Re: GTX 295 HDMI PORT NOT working

    You can also try the following method:
    1. Turn on the TV, the PC and TV HDMI cable connected
    2. The TV signal input port change to HAMI Interface
    3. Turn on the computer control panel - Display - Settings - Advanced - select the display device

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