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Thread: 4870x2 vs 5770 CF?

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    4870x2 vs 5770 CF?

    Hi friends, I want to buy 5570 CF I am using a 4870x2. I want to what is the difference between in this video card. What are the major difference in this video card. I am using a computer which is installed with windows vista operating system. My system has a Intel 3.0 GHz Core to Duo processor. Can anyone tell me the difference between in them please. I have some upgrade plans and for that I found 5570 CF which does not really look much different. I hope the this upgrade can offer me a good option.

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    I think your current setup is quiet more powerful compared to going for Radeon 5770. The performance of 4870 x2 is quiet a lot more better compare to the 5770 xFire series. The only changes here is that 5770s will offer you support for DirectX 11 while the existing setup of yours will give you a good DirectX 10 performance. So it usually depends on you what you want. I think you must stick with your existing hardware setup. So that you get a reasonable output.

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    I want to provide you some latest advantage of ATI Radeon HD 5770 gpu. I am quiet sure this will offering you a more appropriate details and a proper way to find which is the best one here. ATI Radeon HD 5770 is capable of offering you a great visual quality and some really intense gaming performance. That is not quiet possible in old card. And you are also getting a support for Microsoft DirectX 11. You also getATI Eyefinity technology support. So here with new card you are having more new benefits.

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