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Thread: Dual monitor setup with Laptop

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    Dual monitor setup with Laptop

    I am trying to set up a dual monitor with a Dell d630 and Intel 965 garphics card. The laptop will just not remember the settings. The laptop when rebooted always reverts to the VGA monitor and requires the second monitor to be set up each time.

    I have tried resetting the docked profile and updating the driver - nothing seems to solve this. Any help would be most appreciated.


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    Re: Dual monitor setup with Laptop

    I think the operating system which is installed on the laptop is corrupt due to which it is not able to remember the settings which are done prior to restarting. Doing a operating system repair or reinstalling the operating system will solve the problem.

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    Re: Dual monitor setup with Laptop

    Reinstall the fresh copy of operating system , sometimes repairing solves the problem temporarily.

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    Re: Dual monitor setup with Laptop

    Hi Buddy! Did my idea work?

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