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Thread: How's ATI Mobility HD 4650 ?

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    How's ATI Mobility HD 4650 ?

    Any thoughts on this one ? Is it good for decent gaming ? Do you guys think it'll run most released games on low-medium settings ? Please I need help.


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    Re: How's ATI Mobility HD 4650 ?

    Hi friend,

    ATI Mobility HD 4650 has awesome gaming performance. It has OpenGL 2.0 and Microsoft DirectX 10.1 support. It's display technology comprises Dynamic Contrast, Built-in HDMI and Unified Video Decoder 2. This card has PCI Express 2.0 x16 bus interface with Dual mode ATI CrossFireX multi-GPU support. It supports dynamic geometry acceleration. It support independent blend modes as per render target along with Gather4 texture fetching

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    Re: How's ATI Mobility HD 4650 ?

    I think the ATI Mobility HD 4650 graphic cards is best amongst the available graphic card in its category. This graphic card is faster in all the benchmarks of the performance as compare to the other graphic cards. This graphic card also has the HDMI port for the connectivity with the Hihg definition TVs and the devices which have the HDMI connectivity. This graphic card has the support for the Display Port till the 2560x1600, and the HDMI support till the1920x1080 screen resolution with theaudio support of 7.1 AC3 for both the above mentioned screen resolution. This is very performance oriented graphic card in terms of gaming.

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    Re: How's ATI Mobility HD 4650 ?

    My personal thinking is that ATI Mobility HD 4650 is excellent for gaming purpose. IT has good perfrormance as well. But keep one thing i mind while buying the ATI Mobility HD 4650, that they come in both as GDDR2 model and GDDR3 models. You should get the DDR3 one. It will perform much better that the one with DDr2.

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