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Thread: Screen goes black when playing games

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    Screen goes black when playing games

    after starting a game i have about 30 seconds to 4 minutes of game time before my screen goes black.My computer will still be runnning and so will my tv. Its almost as if the hdmi cord will just stop working. My computer is find just watching videos on the internet though.. I'm using a hdmi cable from my new computer with a Radeon hd 5700 graphics card to my 37" tv. i just tried it on a 27" inch tv and it did the same thing. im thinking about just ditching hdmi and getting a svga cable. Anyone know something i can do?

    500W power supply. Antec 2 Sonata 3
    2 gb ram
    MB AM3 GIGABYTE DDR3790xtrp motherboard
    cpu amd am3 550 phenom 2 proecessor
    windows 7 64 bit operating system
    pcie ati 5750 1gb

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    Re: Screen goes black when playing games

    You said that you can watch videos from the Internet without any issues. Before you think of buying the SVGA cable I would like to suggest you to install the updated drivers of Radeon HD 5700 Graphics Card. Since the issues are coming only while playing the Games, I think that you have not installed the proper driver of graphics Card that is needed by Windows 7. So try to install the updated version of drivers that are required for Windows 7 and I think this issue will be isolated..

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