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Thread: "Out of Range" monitor after Windows 7 install

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    "Out of Range" monitor after Windows 7 install

    Hi, I am trying to install the Windows 7 on my computer, but when I started ot load the Windows from my DVD, it gives me error of "Out of Range/H Freq 35 kHz/V Freq 87 HZ". It sometimes corrects by itself. But again it reappears and I didn't able to install the windows. So, if there is any chances to solve this problem, please help me. I have monitor of Samsung with 17''.

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    Re: "Out of Range" monitor after Windows 7 install

    Hi, I think the error of Out of Range is not the problem of your Windows 7 installation DVD, but the problem is of your monitor. I think your monitor is not working properly or the cables you have connected are giving problem, so just try to connect that particular cables correctly. Remove the cables and then again reconnect it to solve your problem.

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    Re: "Out of Range" monitor after Windows 7 install

    Hi, I was also getting the same problem of "Out of Range " monitor when I install my windows 7. But then I did some steps as below and solve the problem:
    • Start machine in safe mode by pressing F8.
    • Now enable Low Resolution mode start.
    • Open Display Properties and check hide resolutions not supported if not already checked
    • Set screen resolution to smaller one.
    • Restart the system.
    • Done.

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    Re: "Out of Range" monitor after Windows 7 install

    Hi, I think you have not removed the earlier operating system yet as you are not able to select any option when you started the installation. So, just check that the monitor is giving the same problem on your earlier operating system or not. If the problem is coming then it is the issue of the monitor. So, check it by changing the monitor cable. If you don't get the problem with your earlier operating system then you have to check your memory for the system. As it may possible that the ram is going to be used and it is not giving you the memory which you are required.

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