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Thread: buying new lcd monitor. need help.

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    buying new lcd monitor. need help.

    Hi. i am buying new LCD monitor. I have seen many models on internet and in shops as well but there are so any varieties, i am completely confused. these are my requirements.

    21.5-23" LCD monitor
    Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixel)
    2ms response time
    50,000 or more contrast ratio
    300cdm2 brightness
    budget upto Rs 12,000 max
    Also, I am extremely heavy internet user. 10 hours of pc use per day. heavy gamer and enjoys movies as well.

    till now i figured out choose 2 monitors,
    Dell st2210 21.5 inch - good thing is this monitor is lowest in power consuption,ie. 22-30 watts,price is within my budget Rs10,000. but bad thing is it has 5ms response time and 250 cd2 brightness.

    second model i selected is Samsung p2350
    -good thing is it has 2 ms response time but bad thing is its costly (13k)and has 43watts power consuption.

    which one should i go for? do you have any more models that comes in Rs10,000 range( $200-$220) and with above requirements.

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    Re: buying new lcd monitor. need help.

    The specs diff b/w the two is negligible.

    Since i own only p2350 i can say only abt it and it just brilliant .

    But i do have to say 13k for it is pushing it .. I bought just a month ago for 11k odd..

    Another monitor would be p2250 .. it has the same features of p2350 just tat its 21.5" screen around 10k

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    Re: buying new lcd monitor. need help.

    13k is costly. i just enquired, acer has H235H with same specifications as samsung's one and comes for 11,600. i found one more model of dell, sx2210. i think it is the progressor of st2210.

    but i am afraid sx2210 is not available, so i may go for acer one.

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