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Thread: Nvidia 8600GT crashing everything...

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    Nvidia 8600GT crashing everything...

    Every single game I try to play on my PC gets graphically glitchy. I can play for like an hour or 2 and then all of a sudden I'll spike then all my colors and textures are super wack. I have no idea of what to do, I have the most recent drivers. If anyone has this card and has this problem please reply on how to fix it.

    Games I play that this happens to are: Warcraft 3, Diablo II, The Last Remnant, Crysis, Oblivion, Fallout, and the list goes on. Pretty much every game I have either crashes on me or the graphics and textures go ballistic. It seems that the less graphically demanding games like some RTS's will only cause textures to freak out, then it takes FOREVER for me to Alt+tab, but games like Crysis and Oblivion completely crash.

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    Re: Nvidia 8600GT crashing everything...

    The problem can be due to heating in graphics card so try to make it cool another reason for problem can be your power supply as there may be chance of leaky current as you play for long time with increase load..

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