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Thread: Video Cards with HDMI out plus Sound

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    Video Cards with HDMI out plus Sound

    Hello friends,

    I am going to make an PC to use with my 52 LCD as my monitors via HDMI.I doubt will the HDMI output on Nvidia video cards pass sound as well as video? Is this "Audio Input for HDMI" as SPDIF. Is that mean that there wants to be SPDIF jumper cable from the motherboard or sound card into the video card so it can pass HD audio through the HDMI out on the Nvidia card?I would love to hear from some experienced folks using Nvidia video cards to pass HD video/audio into large LCDs or Audio/Video Receivers via an HDMI interface.

    thanks for any ideas..

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    Re: Video Cards with HDMI out plus Sound

    From what I've read, the video cards that support HDMI act as a sound card,disabling any other sound card that happens to be on the system. That's perfect for one HDMI output, but where do you get sound for the other HDMI output?If you can figure out a one-cable solution to TV and a one-cable solution to monitor using just one video card to drive the whole setup, I'd be interested in hearing how you managed that.

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    Re: Video Cards with HDMI out plus Sound

    Me having a HDMI output from one of my GT 9600 Sonic cards, and i got an optical input connection for SPDIF audio into the card. there's normally a cable to internally hook the spdif audio to the card from the motherboard/ audio card included with the card itself. to then get my audio through the HDMI i have to select SPDIF output in playback devices and that's it done, movies etc with audio through HDMI output from card

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    Re: Video Cards with HDMI out plus Sound

    Basically we know that HDMI provides an HD connection to an HD TV.So don't be nervous about it if your using an LCD computer monitor. Now if you periodically need to get a big LCD then look at "dual link DVI".Personally, I'd rather have the DVI output of the card linked to the DVI input of the monitor, with no adapters in between. The fewer links in the chain, the less chance of introducing noise.

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