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Thread: Windows Vista sound deactivated

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    Windows Vista sound deactivated

    I had installed Windows Vista on my system. The problem is that whenever i try to play any songs on my system it doesn't get give out any sound on my system. So, recently i went to my sound devices and found that it was deactivated. Can any body tell me that how do i get rid of the above issue? Any kind of help on the above issue wouldbe appreciated.

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    Re: Windows Vista sound deactivated

    For that you need to right-click on the sound icon on the system tray and deactivated the VIA High Definition sound controller in order to set the USB PnP Sound device as default (Topcom Mediakit USB 100).

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    Re: Windows Vista sound deactivated

    You neeed to make sure that a sound device installed on your computer are correct or not. In most cases, Windows will automatically detect the new hardware and install the necessary software drivers. If Windows does not automatically install the software drivers, run the Add Hardware Wizard to install them yourself, then you need to click on Start menu,then click on Control Pane and then double-click on Add Hardware.

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    Re: Windows Vista sound deactivated

    According to me, you need to run the Sound Device Troubleshooter by choosing Tools--> Options within Windows Media Player, then need to click on "Speakers" on the Devices tab, then click on Advanced tab. Then you need to choose the Hardware tab and choose Troubleshooting after you've selected your own particular hardware on your system.

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