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Thread: Sony Giga Pocket tv-tuner card software ?

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    Sony Giga Pocket tv-tuner card software ?

    hello everyone,

    I am looking for the drivers and software for my Sony Giga Pocket tv-tuner card. Does anybody uses sony Giga Pocket tv-tuner card ? Please suggest me where can I find the drivers or software for Giga Pocket tv-tuner card ?

    Any ideas / suggestions....

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    Re: Sony Giga Pocket tv-tuner card software ?

    I was facing some problems using my Giga Pocket TV Tuner and was searching for the latest drivers to install. But, someone told me that apparently the Giga Pocket program is affected by the sonic stage music program of Sony.
    So, I re-formatted and this time I didn't install the Vaio Media and Sonic Stage, and hence the tv tuner works absolutely fine.

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    Re: Sony Giga Pocket tv-tuner card software ?

    Download - GigaPocket

    The above download is a zip file. You will first need to unzip all the files and install all of them.

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    Re: Sony Giga Pocket tv-tuner card software ?

    Once you find the drivers that is supporting your operating system, and after installing the card, the card doesn't show any errors/warnings in device manager. Then you will just need the software to support the use of the card.

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