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Thread: Replace coolant for jvc 46" television

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    Replace coolant for jvc 46" television

    I have a JVC 46" Rear Projection TV. The image quality of the Television has gone. The display of the TV is blurry and dull. I had called a technician to fix it. According to him I need to replace the coolant for the TV. But it is quiet expensive. Before that is there a way by which I can replace the coolant by self. What can be the more problem in my TV. Help

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    Re: Replace coolant for jvc 46" television

    I am listing some problems below. If your TV is facing the same problem then I have a solution. The solution is the below at the end. If your screens turns to look 3D, bad alignment of colors, screen is bowed down, etc. then there is an convergence issue. Now you resolve this by some very simple steps. Take your remote and go to Settings > Convergence section. Adjust the red and blue convergence. By moving the up, down, left and right key you able to adjust. If still the problem persist that means your convergence chip is gone dead and needs to be replaced.

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    Re: Replace coolant for jvc 46" television

    Yes you can change the coolant by your own hand. It is quiet simple. Just purchase it from your nearest shop as per your TV model the follow the instructions. The best thing is doing 1 tube at a time and you don't need to do any major re-convergence adjustment.
    • First Remove the crt.
    • Disconnect the voltage lead from the splitter, yoke and convergence plug.
    • Remove the ground wires which are going form the crt ground strap to the board.
    • Now lay the assembly thing down and give a support by a wooden block.
    • Remove the drain plug and remove all the coolant out of it.
    • After that remove the lens assembly.
    • Now remove a plastic which looks like half moon from the reservoir.
    • Remove the remaining coolant suing any paper towel which soak it up.
    • Now reinstall the same plastic back and lens.
    • Fill up the reservoir leaving some space. Now reinstall the tube and set the customer convergence adjustment.
    • Now you need to follow for the blue tube also.

    Best of luck.

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    Re: Replace coolant for jvc 46" television

    CRT coolant change and advanced convergence - how to

    I documented the procedure I did on a Philips 55" rear projection 55p916
    CRT coolant change procedure
    basic and advanced convergence

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