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Thread: ATI 4870X2 fan problem

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    ATI 4870X2 fan problem

    Small information about my ATI 4870X2. There are a couple of bugs at the moment, the fan for the 4870x2 randomly cuts out with no warning, Crysis and suddenly the 4870x2 started overheating because the fan had stopped. this is a real issue for me as i cant play games through fear of it overheating.

    Thank you In advance.

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    Re: ATI 4870X2 fan problem

    Did you install drivers ATI or those provided by Sapphire? If you are in the second case, reinstall them, passes a blow of Cleaner Driver and installs the Catalyst last which you will find at this address:…

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    Re: ATI 4870X2 fan problem

    Hope you don't mind me saying that ATI Tray Tools v1.5.8.1250 utility is very ordinary. Try ATI Tray Tools Beta it is a beta version but the fan control and overclocking work perfectly with my Sapphire 4870 and mixed with my new Arctic Cooling Twin Turbo I can't get my temps over 50 under load and it is absolutely silent. Any way I hope this works for others as it doe's for me.

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    Re: ATI 4870X2 fan problem

    Replace the Thermal CompounD. Removing the reference cooler isn't for the slip-up and you've destroyed the most powerful piece of equipment you own, as well as negated your warranty. Removing the reference cooler isn't recommended, but can be done if you go slowly and thoroughly.

    You will found a ~12*C drop in idle and load temps by replacing the thermal compound on the 2 GPUs with Arctic Silver 5. so removing the thermal pads on the back of the card isn't going to help, in fact, it would make the temps on those chips higher, unless you have some little heatsinks that you can put on them.

    there are little 'risers' for the memory ICs - these will make good contact with the memory ICs themselves, so removing the thermal pads shouldn't lead to any problems, although if those little risers aren't quite tall enough on yours, they may not make good enough contact and not dissipate the heat as well as the pads do - you all getting that I've got something against Thermal Pads

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    Re: ATI 4870X2 fan problem

    i use rivatuner and changed my fan settings [low level] to the following:
    duty cycle min 32
    max 100 [obviously]
    T min 55 [degrees]
    range 40
    low limit 0
    high limit 95.

    btw, i have an accelero xtreme 4870x2 cooler too.

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