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Thread: A GeForce 9600GT green from Nvidia

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    A GeForce 9600GT green from Nvidia

    "A model for those who, in the development of its system, devotes much attention to consumption"

    One of the things that has always played a decisive role in the development of video cards is represented by consumption, now more than ever, many IT companies are concentrated in the production of components to ensure not only an adequate level of performance, but also consumption.

    It is in this spirit that Nvidia, intends to submit its 9600GT "green." The U.S. giant would have made some fundamental changes but within the structure of a normal 9600GT, dropping from 650 to 600MHz and the GPU from 1625 to the speed of 1600MHz shader. The voltage at the core was thus raised from 1.1 V to 1 according to initial information, so consumption is likely to move from 96 to 59W. Such a drastic change in consumption suggests even further changes in structure, we are not received, in addition, given the low frequencies, will be reasonable to expect a proportionate reduction in performance.

    The price at which the new Nvidia solution will be marketed to hover around 4500 INR, not too far from normal, therefore 9600GT cards.

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    Re: A GeForce 9600GT green from Nvidia

    No maximum (not just, say).
    We would like a dynamic architecture for all components that use varied according to load, or even them turned off if not required (eg additional cards).

    now there is something:
    - WD internal power for changing between 5400 and 7200 rpm
    - The core 2 to 45, who consume 2W idle ..
    - The future USB 3.0 that promises to check applications for devices

    but for example, a 4850 traveling between 40W idle and 110 full too. The Watt laden can go (in the fund have the power to serve the energy), but for normal 2D 40W is wasted. I do not think it is impossible to make cards from <10W at rest and all that occurrence become too fast. Core type 2 ... ;-)

    So everyone is satisfied. Both a PC is for most of the time at low load.

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    Re: A GeForce 9600GT green from Nvidia

    when i was thinking about this card then two things comes to my mind:

    1) HD4670 low consumption

    2) Rv740 to 40nm

    Is that correct!

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