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Thread: HP officially launches Firebird with Voodoo DNA

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    HP officially launches Firebird with Voodoo DNA

    We figured it was destined for a CES release, and HP has confirmed that today's the day. The hotly anticipated Firebird with Voodoo DNA has been properly introduced to the world, and within it will come an Intel Core 2 Quad CPU, twin NVIDIA GeForce 9800S graphics cards in an SLI configuration, hot-swappable 320GB hard drives (two of them) and an advanced thermal management system to keep things cool, calm, collected and quiet. As we'd heard, the rig will be available starting on January 9th in the INR 87,000 rs directly from Voodoo, while those too frightened to hand over their credit card information online can hold tight til it hits select retailers (read: Best Buy, most likely) on February 1st. Have a look at Rahul Sood and team gloating ad nauseum over this thing just after the break. [Via DesktopReview]Continue reading HP officially launches Firebird with Voodoo DNAFiled under: CES, DesktopsHP officially launches Firebird with Voodoo DNA.


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    Re: HP officially launches Firebird with Voodoo DNA

    hp has been making some really nice laptops lately... The Dell lineup doesn't even come close. I will probably wait to get an hp 12"-13" laptop when Windows 7 comes pre-installed.
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    Re: HP officially launches Firebird with Voodoo DNA

    Can someone fill me in on what "Voodoo DNA" is? In every post I've read about this thing, there has been zero mention of what that is. I'm beginning to think it's that stupid design on the side of the case. I'm thinking if I can't figure out what Voodoo DNA is, it's probably something I don't need.

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    Re: HP officially launches Firebird with Voodoo DNA

    Voodoo is a fancy computer brand like Alienware (but Voodoo is like 200x more money, just to pick your color it use to cost will be much higher).

    Hp owns Voodoo

    I guess when they say DNA they mean it has the raw power that Voodoo machines have been known to deliver.

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