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Thread: ATI XGP :The External Graphics card available soon

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    ATI XGP :The External Graphics card available soon

    ATI XGP™ technology (eXternal Graphics Platform) is an external graphics solution for notebook PCs. ATI XGP is designed to deliver enthusiast-class graphics performance, true multimedia upgradeability and multiple connectivity options, revolutionizing GPU performance on a notebook PC equipped with an external PCI Express® 2.0 connector.

    Advanced External PCI Express® 2.0 Connector Design
    AMD joined forces with JAE Electronics, Inc. for design and development of the external PCI Express® 2.0 compatible cable connector. JAE Electronics is a recognized industry leader in providing solutions for complex design requirements. JAE Electronics, an expert in aerospace and automotive industries, transferred their technological advancements into the PCI Express® 2.0 advanced connector design. The connector has been uniquely crafted and designed to easily connect to your notebook PC, providing 4 GBytes/s bandwidth to support ATI Radeon™ graphics cards to enable you to run the most demanding graphics applications.

    View the high definition version of this video: Click Here

    Unprecedented Notebook Graphics Performance

    • Thin & light notebook
    • Long notebook battery life
    • Sleek industrial design
    • Support for ATI CrossFireX™ technology multi-GPU capabilities 1
    • Independently powered and cooled external graphics solution

    True Multimedia Upgradeability

    • Enthusiast-Class graphics performance for Notebooks
    • Support for ATI CrossFireX™ technology multi-GPU capabilities 1
    • True upgradeability for multimedia notebooks, ideal for gaming, HD video, browsing and editing

    Hot Plug Detection

    • ATI XGP technology enables on-the-fly

    Multi Display Support

    • ATI XGP external graphics solution with a single ATI Radeon ™ graphics processor and a notebook PC drive up to 4 displays

    Multiple Connectivity Options Multiple Connectivity Options

    • Dedicated USB 2.0 connector enables attachment of TV tuner, Blu-ray drives and more
    • Integrated digital outputs to view High-Definition content 2 on a variety of devices including HDMI with integrated audio and DVI 1


    Unprecedented Enthusiast-Class Notebook Graphics Performance
    This exclusive technology capitalizes on PCI Express 2.0 via an external independently cooled and powered solution, removing performance limitations and taking graphics performance to the extreme. Whether you are surfing the internet, video editing or playing the latest 3D games, now you have all the power you desire to meet a variety of needs.

    True Multimedia Upgradeability
    ATI XGP advanced technology is designed to support a single ATI Radeon™ graphics processors or multi ATI Radeon™ graphics processors featuring ATI CrossFireX™ technology providing simple notebook scalability for the first time. With this versatile solution you can switch between everyday computing and hard-core gaming with a simple plug-in yet portable enough to bring power and performance everywhere you go.

    Multiple Connectivity Options
    ATI XGP technology simple connectivity enables a number of different usage scenarios for The Ultimate Visual Experience™. Enjoy multi-monitor support using standard display outputs or connect USB-based devices such as a TV tuner or a Blu-ray drive. With the integrated digital outputs you can view high-definition content on a variety of devices including HDMI with integrated audio and DVI1. Take advantage of ATI Avivo™ HD featuring AMD’s Unified Video Decoder (UVD) and place yourself in the center of all the action with smooth playback of full 1080p content2,3.

    How It Does Work

    With ATI XGP™ technology you can experience superior graphics performance when plugged in or switch to energy-efficient integrated graphics when on-the-go, for extended battery life.

    The device connects to specially designed notebook using the uniquely crafted external PCI Express© 2.0 connector designed and developed with JAE Electronics, Inc. Once the device is plugged in ATI XGP technology is activated.

    Versatility and Flexibility
    ATI XGP™ can run up to 4 displays when activated on the notebook PC and comes with HDMI with integrated audio, DVI and USB connections providing the ability to connect to a variety of devices.

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    Re: ATI XGP :The External Graphics card available soon

    It should be imperative that the connection between the laptop and the module is standardized, and it includes a video signal back to display on the screen of the laptop. In most technically this should not be too complicated.

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    Re: ATI XGP :The External Graphics card available soon

    I put on a failure!

    • The first reason is price. Although we do not know, there is little chance that this is affordable (to the views of tariffs announced for the solutions of the same type: ~ 775 $).
    • Then comes the fact is we need an external display
    • Furthermore, Fujitsu-Siemens tape rather in the entry level for its laptops. It is nothing pejorative ... but I think we did not already target the same customers with 2 products ...
    • Finally it is a proprietary technology, which is not an advantage unfortunately!

    For me the type of solutions-oriented laptop mobility with the ability to transform into pc gamer are those that integrates a graphics card and a dedicated

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    Re: ATI XGP :The External Graphics card available soon

    The concept is interesting to combine a lightweight and portable with an autonomous power under the foot when it connects to the house on a large screen (or TV), as all this takes a little maturity ...

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