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Thread: Help me buying LCD monitor

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    Help me buying LCD monitor

    I want to buy an LCD monitor may be around 22"
    Any suggestions before buying any perticular brand?
    I think ViewSonic is impresive

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    LG is performing well in LCD business. Go for LG!
    Even i am using it & no problems for last 2 years!

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    The Viewsonic and Samsung looks to be good choice.
    So pls tell me the important things to look out for (from ur experience) when I go to a shop and hopefuly see a demo. Also would it be a good upgrade from my existing Samsung 17" CRT (to say....the 19"), more toward Samsung as it has 4ms response time.

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    Personally, I hate 22" LCD monitors because they use the "inferior" 6-bit TN panels. They are good for gaming because of low response times (but there is no industry standard in how it is measured), but poor color accuracy, poor viewing angles, and noticeable video artifacts when watching a movie.

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    tyuivbn Guest
    Samsung, Philips and LG are good choice

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