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Thread: Change Work field default to change hours, not duration?

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    Change Work field default to change hours, not duration?

    I need some help here to resource allocation calculation based on each task based on duration. I am here trying to change the work field. There is a drop list which appear with a option to add or reduce the number of work hours. And so the task duration lies the same. Now there are very few resources which are used 100%. There are not many projects which are utilizing all the resources. In a tolta 8 hour work duration there are few people who had worked for around 2 to 4 days. Now I am not able to here calculate the resources utilized in each task. I tried to work on some fields but still it is a bit complicated to get the right option for it.

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    The ask behavior is a bit complicated to find in Project if you are not using it from long time. For the same go to the toolbar and there you can find a Task Information option. In that click on Advance Tab. In that you can simply change the type of fixed duration. The option is somehow stored with default settings. If you are not getting proper information you can again click on set as default and leave the same as it is. You can go through the manual to get more information on the same.

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    In the scenario which you are talking you are trying to know the man hour based on a activity carried out by the people with duration. Also you are trying to find on the basis of activity that is carried out in a entire working day. So there if we compare the duration compared to the work hours the duration will be always higher based on the default settings of Project. A normal day is calculated in 24hrs while working hours can be 8 hrs. So here you will first need to manage the day duration and then you will need to match that with the work hours. That is going to reflect the duration.

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    You can start working on the duration type task. You must fix that first and then move ahead to make other changes. You can try to go in Project > Task Information > Advance Tab. There you can fix the duration on the basis of task type. Also you can test the same by creating a separate task first so that nothing can affect the current scenario. Performance task can allow you to work with time in proper manner. You must set the same by putting the task at front. Just check out the same and let me know what you got.

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    What I want that all the task that are created in Project must show up the actual activity which is performed. So that it is much easier to track the resources that applied to it. It is a bit outdated to cure time and then wait for the final output on the same. Cure time is just like a gap between the empty duration which tries to fix the total duration but somehow it does not really work well. The best way to deal with this kind of issue is working with task more. You can create a new project where you can do this kind of stuff and see what effects appear. Later on you can make changes to the final copy and then see back.

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    I think Project lack features to give a yes or to any field. You can calculate everything with that only. What I had seen as per my work on Microsoft Project is it calculates everything in minutes and there is nothing you can do with the same. On the basis of minutes if offers you a short report on the current ongoing activities. I had tried to manage a number of settings but still it works on that basis only. You can try to work on that by going in Tools > Option > Schedule. Here you can simply modify the work representation and find out the what can be done. There are some Macros possibilities also.

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    I have the opposite issue where default settings for calculating the schedule not working. I have a task that is fixed Work, but somehow the scheduled finish date is not adjusting properly according to my default Standard Calendar.
    However when I assign a resource, the finish date schedules correctly.
    I'm using Project 2007.

    Can someone please help me figure this one out?

    So even if I have the task as Fixed Work, it will not adjust the Schedule finish date based on the default working calendar set in your project options.
    According to MS link

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