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Thread: Copy and Paste does not work

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    Copy and Paste does not work

    Facing some problem while copying data from Excel to Project. I was actually trying to copy a cell from Excel and while pasting the same in Project, it puts the data in multiple cells when there is a carriage return in the text. Also it appears like there is some kind of limit on the amount of info I can input.

    Is there any setting available in project from where I can change these limitations? I tried finding it out but dint got any. Somebody please help.

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    Re: Copy and Paste does not work

    I think the problem you facing is because the format of the data has to be exact in both cases. For example, if you are copying text than only satisfactory place is into a Note field. So simply open ‘Task Information/Notes’ Tab and paste the text there to fit it properly. Here carriage returns and bullets are permitted. Apart from this, there are limitations of 255 characters in other text cells. You can get more info about the same here

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