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Thread: Export Project Data to Excel

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    Export Project Data to Excel

    I want to export data from Project 2003 to Excel but when I am using the analyser option then it just fails to export all the data and does not saves the file as a workbook. When I check the Resource Usage then I am able to see all the resources in my master project with all the linked projects. I am also able to see the assignments days by week per project but I am not able to export the data into Excel? Can anyone help me out with this dilemma?

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    RE: Export Project Data to Excel

    If the Analyze Timephased Data in Excel is not working for you then you might need to do it using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). You should try to write a routine which will wake up Excel and populate it as you want to. You dont have to purchase anything from microsoft for same as well, it is already installed in your system. Just open microsoft project adn then press ALT+F11 or Tools >> Macros >> Visual Basic Editor, that will help you out.

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    Re: Export Project Data to Excel

    Even I agree that Visual Basic for Application is a built in part of project since it is virtually with all microsoft applications but if you dont know how to write VBA macros then it will take some time for you to lern VBA in order to get what you really need. Incase you want to learn how to write VBA code for Project then get the book of VBA Programming for Microsoft Office Project Versions 98 Through 2007 from here -

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    RE: Export Project Data to Excel

    Have you tried to copy columns, both from table and from timephased right pane to Excel? If you have gotten the Project 2007 then things would have been much more easier. I also want to tell you that after trying every option both in analyzer and in save as, and in export, the best option was to copy and it is really simple, it is the "WYSIWYG" tool infact. Try selecting columns and then copy and paste in Excel and everything will get there in the exact way you needed.

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