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Thread: Costs to entire projects

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    Costs to entire projects

    Are there any whizzes out there who know how to use Microsoft Project 2013?

    Question: how do I assign a cross project cost that is still determined by a (daily or monthly) rate?

    eg. I want to assign rateable cost such as rent or fuel across the whole project rather than the tasks which overlap each other in some cases.

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    Re: Costs to entire projects

    You cannot assign resources (material or work) to the project summary task. You can assign cost budget resources, but that is at a flat rate.

    An option is to create a hammock task and then assign a material resource at a variable rate per day.

    See below for the information on hammock tasks:

    Although the article references Project 2003 - it still works the same in 2013.

    The create the material resource and set its rate to $1.00 per hour. As you assign the resource enter your estimated usage per day in the units field. For example 100/d would apply $100 per day to the task. If the task duration grew or shortened, the cost would grow or decrease as desired.

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