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Thread: Baseline Time Phasing Lost??

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    Baseline Time Phasing Lost??

    Tasks have been baselined. Task Usage shows hours and dates have been correctly applied to baseline. I am able to see the baseline hours spread through the months over the span of the task in the matrix to the right side of Task Usage view. I opened the spreading of the hours are gone. Task Usage shows that there are hours in the baseline but they are no longer time phased. There is no spread of hours in the baseline. I am having to re-baseline each task to see the hours spread again... Has anyone heard/experienced this before?

    MSP 2007

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    Re: Baseline Time Phasing Lost??

    I'm afraid I don't follow your comment:

    I opened the spreading of the hours are gone.
    Are you saying you saved the file, closed it, and when you re-opened it the timephased baseline work is not showing?

    If you remove the baseline work field and re-add it does it fix it? Are you running SP-3 for Project 2007? Does this occur with all files or just the one?

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