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Thread: Upgrading to Microsoft Project 2013

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    Upgrading to Microsoft Project 2013

    What are the key features of Project 2013. I am still using the older edition here. It might be 2010 I am not exactly sure. But I had seen a small article based on 2013 which shows it is more better and has great user interface. I am just not able to get the exact difference compared to the old one. Can anyone simply state me what are the new things in the tool. I hope this would have some new benefits that would make project management more better. Online integration is one that I am expecting.

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    Re: Upgrading to Microsoft Project 2013

    It is obvious that if you go for a new software then you get more new benefits. One of the most important benefit to discuss here is rich interface. The new edition is more better and can improve your productivity to great extent. I am giving you a link that can help you to get more info on Project 2013.

    Project Standard 2013

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    Re: Upgrading to Microsoft Project 2013

    The updated version offers more under online solutions. That means this time you can more appropriately manage and share your projects around the globe. With a better project portfolio you can simply control the various aspect of project and assign task to different people more accurately. The new tool just gives more control over daily tasks. You can also work in a team and configure different organization with more better strategy. Keeping all the project requirements under mind, this is designed to give you a complete set of new things and configure projects more easily. It is a one stop solution for everyone. Also liked with cloud you can share your files with other. But there are different license available for the same. The edition under his are Project Standard 2013, Project Professional 2013 and Project Server 2013. So if you go with the server you get integrated features with Office 365. And there is a separate subscription for that. It is not really so costly. But reasonable. It is good for those who simply works from different places. Through this you can control project from various location and also assign task to different people.

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    Re: Upgrading to Microsoft Project 2013

    I think the Project 2013 is just a bit more better than 2010. I did not find any great changes here. The interface is improved and it is more faster. I had started using the same. I am going to explore one by one all the features and checkout how this really looks.

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    Re: Upgrading to Microsoft Project 2013

    The benefit of this new software is a more better reports. This is one of the most important requirement for a project management software. The reports here gives you the right analysis of things going on. There are lots of new changes here. The new project simply focus more on team work. You will need to go through a short tutorial to understand the same completely. Due to effective reports it is more easier to make decision here. It has ample of new things that are not easy to explain in few words. In this it is possible to get a yellow list of all prerequisites that are needed for the task. And you can also use SharePoint 2013 with the same. You can also set a planning menu here. There is a set of translation tools also available which is quiet effective. The most important thing is Gnatt bar. This time the new one offers you a set of new 3D effects to view the chart. So it gets more interactive here.

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