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Thread: Need help to create Microsoft Project 2010 Schedule

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    Need help to create Microsoft Project 2010 Schedule

    I am new to Microsoft Project 2010. I am trying to setup a schedule here but it is not working. I tried to read the help file to understand how this works, but still after following the steps in Help I cannot work properly. Can anyone guide me in the most simplest way how can setup a schedule in Microsoft Project 2010. Thanks.

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    Re: Need help to create Microsoft Project 2010 Schedule

    You need to follow proper steps to enable schedule in Microsoft Project. Many time users face difficulty in managing the time duration and other stuff. I will here explain you a simple way of doing this. Lets being with estimating the time duration for a task. Here duration column consist of the time period to be used or might be utilized for performing certain task by people. So for that you need to fill up the required information in the duration column. The task are counted on the base of deliverable. So here you can find easily which is the most longest task. The same is set in the form of m for minutes, h for hours, d for days, w for weeks, mo for months and y for years. The comes the part of filling up information in the task. The PredecessorNext will fill up the information related to a task. You can expand the task view to find a more calender options. So just add up the first task and then next one. You can keep on increasing the same as per your need. When predecessors are common a multiple task begin with same time. You can add up more predecessors by Integrate SW/HW. The calendar also features a bar which show up the option to set start and end date.

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    Re: Need help to create Microsoft Project 2010 Schedule

    I can provide that in steps. That will be easier. Microsoft Project 2010 is a advance product but comes with handy utilities. To work with a Microsoft Project schedule you will need to follow the below steps.
    • First enter the project information. This part consist of information like start date of a project. Read the information here carefully you can configure other options tool.
    • The next steps is then setting up the Work Calendar. Work Calender is not any feature it is your default Calender which defines the work period consisting of start and end date.
    • Now you have to create a task here. You can use the scheduling method and add settings to the task. Add up information fill up the durations and you are done.
    • You can add up a Milestone here. This is the one which are kind of task that do not have any duration. Add up this in Microsoft Project and check back.
    • Later on you will need to organize the Task in different phases. This can be done by outline structure. This is a important part as it will manage your task more efficiently.
    • Now start setting up the dependencies in task you had created. Add in properly and re-verify that all is done properly.
    • One done with that you are now in the step of created resources for the task. The resources consist of assigning a rate or cost or any other information to the task.
    • Check for an conflict. Resolve the same if found in start or else in the end or in mid you might be confused with error involved regarding task management.
    • When you are done with all check the total duration and other information added to the task. This is the place where you can make adjustment as per your need.
    • Now the last option here is to set a baseline in Microsoft Project. When you finish this you are done with Microsoft Project Scheduling.

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    Re: Need help to create Microsoft Project 2010 Schedule

    There are certain steps that are involved in this process. You need to configure that properly. I had found a online guide which does the work. The below link provide you a etail guide for this process and other more task that you can carry out in Microsoft Project. Also another link below will help you to track the projects scheduling. There is one more thing you can do. You can download a template and use it for your project scheduling purpose. You can download the same free from official Microsoft website.

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    Re: Need help to create Microsoft Project 2010 Schedule

    Microsoft Project helps you to setup a project schedule. If you are done with the project I can provide you proper guideline on scheduling it. The first column consist of the schedule lists which consist of all task that are needed to be performed. Other than this here it is possible to divide a project into multiple phases as per your choice. The next column here is the duration time. And other columns are kind of schedule you need to provide to each task that will occur. The calendar here plays a vital role in setting up the stuff. There are certain steps that are needed to be follow when you being with a schedule. This consist of finding and listing out the steps that are needed to be performed and when you are done you need to find the accomplishment period of entire project. It is needed that you must add a right duration for the task. Sometime it better if you put a summary so that it can become easy for future reference. Task consist of summary and subsidiary task also which are appear within them. It is important that you must properly link the task with each other so that you can see a set of appropriate sequence.

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