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Thread: Resource Reporting

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    Resource Reporting

    Microsoft Project 2003

    I have a project file which the summary tasks (outline level 1) are the project name. There are multiple projects (construction sites) (approx 30)
    I am doing an overhaul on our MSP and creating everything (templates, views filters, macros etc) from scratch.

    On the previous version; I had a button with ran a macro which printed multiple custom reports, based on multiple custom filters (Each report was for one resource and had a corresponding filter).
    So it printed approx 20 reports (.pdfs) by pressing one button. It worked well day to day but was cumbersome to create and update.

    Also the sending process was a bit cumbersome, compose email, attach report, find recipient based on attachment file name.

    Is this the most logical and efficient way of distributing this information?
    In essence all I want to do is to succinctly notify every resource of where they are supposed to be over the 10 working days. On face value I have overcomplicated a very simple process but I have been unable to find a better solution.

    Thanks for your help :)

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    Re: Resource Reporting


    I'm afraid unless you have an alternative (SharePoint), the best I can suggest is what you are doing. The "To-Do" report with the built-in filter is likely the most efficient report.

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