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Thread: How Auto Refresh is possible in Excel

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    How Auto Refresh is possible in Excel

    I'm sure it has been asked before and seems a pretty simple question, but can excel automatically refresh (calculate now, F9)? i.e. if i wanted to make a simple clock in excel by entering " =now() " into a cell, could I then make excel auto calculate this every second so that it keeps up with current time ?? So is it possible in excel to do this thing. If yes then how so if you guys have any of the information then please let me know

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    Re: How Auto Refresh is possible in Excel

    Unless you use Tools|Options|Calculate to change things, Excel recalculates whenever a new formula is entered. With =NOW () in A1, type 5 in C1 and 7 in D1 and =C1+D1 in E1. Now wait a few minutes (make coffee) and change D1 to 20. When you hit the Enter key, nor only is E1 recalculated but so is E1 Alternatively use Format:Cell:Custom to format A1 as hh:mm:ss. Now you need wait only seconds

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    Re: How Auto Refresh is possible in Excel

    You can try this but you have to Careful, this could tie up your system if you do it too long. So for this open a new work book, right click and view code paste this in the window

    Sub Clock()
    'Create an iteration counter
    For i = 1 To Range("b1")
    'Recalculate the worksheet
    'Update the worksheet with the latest iteration number
    Range("b2") = i
    'Increment value of i by i
    Next i
    End Sub

    In cell a1 =now() format to desired time view in cell b1 enter a number, 5000 would be a good start. Then go to tools-macro-select clock-run.

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